Tech Inclusion 2015 Career Fair | Tech Inclusion SF 2015

My name is Christina Fink and
I work as a community manager for Yammer which is part of Microsoft. Today we’re hoping to meet
a lot of diverse candidates to further diversify our pipeline coming in so that we can have the best
team possible to build our product. Corey Wooten and I’m
a Co-founder and CMO at a startup called Livid Mobile
in the New York City area. It’s very important to build
an inclusive environment, especially with your founding team because
everyone has different experiences and everyone can bring something
new and interesting to the table. My name is James Grate.
I’m a business analyst and program strategist at Thoughtworks. Today we wanted to accomplish
the mission of connecting with a lot of like minded organizations who are also interested in bringing
more diversity pool into technology who are usually left out of the conversation
and don’t have access or opportunity to join organizations that cater
to their needs or their interest. And today we’ve met
a lot of really great folks and we are happy to continue
to do this work. My name is Elle Lathrop and I’m the director
of product delivery for OneLogin. So we came to this event today to be
a part of a conversation about inclusion and also hopefully find some
really great talent to bring back to OneLogin and have that
conversation internally. I’m Kris Gonzales and I’m a rare
talent collector at Udacity. What we want to accomplish
here today at this career fair is we hope to engage potential
talent that’s out there and bring exposure and awareness to the brand
and just meet like minded people that want to transform the world through
education and other initiatives. My name is Kathryn Presner and I’m a theme whisperer Happiness
engineer at Automattic. So we came to the Career Fair
today to find great people to fill all kinds of roles, from engineering
to UI designers, to tech support. And we’ve met a lot of
excellent people already and I’m looking forward
to seeing some of them apply.

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