Tech in Asia goes undercover as a VC at Startup Thailand 2019

Hi! I’m Nat. I’m from Tech in Asia. And I’m here at Startup Thailand, Southeast Asia’s biggest tech conference. This year’s theme is Startup Nation and there are several events happening throughout Bangkok. From pitch battles to hackathons, it’s all going down here. So today I’ll be going around as a partner from a VC called TIACO to visit some of the startups that are participating in this event and try to get them to pitch to me. Let’s see how good some of these startups are in their pitch and how they can handle unexpected “disturbances.” Let’s go! What is Zipevent and who are you? I’m Jay, I’m the CEO and co-founder of Zipevent. Basically we are an all-in-one event marketing and management platform. Since we have work in Thailand and Bangkok as a prime market, so we are looking to expand into other countries right now. What is one word you can say to convince me to invest in you? We are already profitable, willing to expand into the region. We are growing like crazy the last two, couple of years That’s at least 5 million words, Jay. Chose one of those words. Okay, profitable. Okay. I’ll see you around. Okay. I’m looking to invest in a bunch of startups here. So can you tell me a little bit about what Datacue is? Datacue improves conversion of any ecommerce website by delivering a personalized experience to any visitor. Right, okay. So Datacue helps ecommerce platforms know what I want to buy? Yes. But what if I know what I want to buy? Then even better! Then that makes our job a lot easier. Then what we can do is if you already know what to buy, we can try to upsell you with products that might go well with what you want to buy. Listen, I think this is a great idea and I want to invest in it. How much do you want? We are looking for US$200,000 at the moment. US$200,000 and I want 51% share. Hmm, it’s a tough one. I’ll give you some time to think about it. I’ll be back. Alright. Hi. Excuse me. Hi. I’m a very important VC. Explain in five words what this is about. So what we want to achieve is the integrity of big data. More than five words, go. There are a lot of digital business card apps available in the market, but they are still using traditional business cards to scan. So what we do, we try to replace the business cards. And all the information, it’s accessed immediately. Uh huh. So it’s like… LinkedIn? LinkedIn, there is no verification from the company. So it’s like Linkedin… Yup, but with verification. Okay, okay. What’s your product? Crissa cleaning stick. On clothes? Yes. Okay, do you want to try it now? Yes. Using a pen? Yes, sure. Oh, it’s not working. It’s not working. Oh! Yes. Okay. So it actually works! Yes. We’re here at the university booths. Let’s check it out. You keep this. Yes. I’ll take this. Okay, thank you. Thank you! Okay. Oh, no. No, it’s okay. Do I eat this? My hands are clean. I’ve been waiting for about 30 minutes. I look glam. Alright, so I’m done running my rounds as a partner from a VC here at Startup Nation. I’ve met some great startups and I can’t wait for them to be successful real soon. Thank you for the investment… Of your time. That’s it for this year’s amazing Startup Thailand, but till then, I’ve got to run off to my other investments.

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