Tech in 60 Seconds – January 4, 2019

Hello I’m Nicholas Thompson. I’m the editor in chief of WIRED. I’m here
in our New York City headquarters. And this is Tech in 60 Seconds, where I wrap
up the tech news very rapidly. So let’s go! No! It will be an exciting year. It’ll be an innovative year. It’ll be an interesting year. But I think the backlash is going to continue. Two reasons: Number one declining growth in China or weak
growth in China because of the trade war and because of general issues in the Chinese economy
and secondly because people aren’t upgrading as much. And that’s a combination of the fact that
the new iPhones aren’t relatively as exciting as the old iPhones. And also the old iPhones are good. So you don’t need to change them every year. Good question. They were, as we all saw this week, the first country
to actually get to the far side of the moon. They’re putting a lot of effort into it. And the United States government is shut down. It’s hard to see how China isn’t going to be
ahead of us soon. As the father of three sons. Yes, absolutely. But it’s really hard. How are parents going to trust the darn thing?
And how is the company, whoever starts it, going to make enough money on just a couple of rides
a day at the same time? All right. That’s Tech in 60! See you next week.

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