Tech Expo 2017 – Recap

Are you going to the Tech Expo? No, I don’t have a ride. Me either. Whoa! Hey guys I’m at the Tech Expo. Stand in the circles and I’ll transport you here. Alright, hey this is great. Come on, lets check it out. The 2017 technology expo had over 4,000 people in attendance. Students teachers and businesses came together to demonstrate how today’s technology is helping prepare for tomorrow’s future. Tech Expo is one of my favorite events because we get to learn how our students are interacting and using technology to really advance their learning. The Tech Expo is a wonderful opportunity to help students. They get an opportunity to try out different careers an opportunities. This young man was learning how to do a game development another one was learning how to sew because he wants to go into fashion. And technology can be using all these fields, so i think it absolutely prepares them. This is for our mechatronics and what we have is our electrical trainers, our pneumatic and 3d printers and hydraulics that kind of stuff and it’s a really fun thing there’s a lot of jobs opportunities coming from it it’s a great class. So what we’re doing, so we have copper wire lined up to mp3 trigger and when you touch the copper wire it completes the circuit which says have something about the Greek God or Goddess. What we’re doing here we’re presenting the logger pro and we’re presenting is the friction of the walk moving against the table and were collecting the data showing on the graph behind us and how much friction is against the table and the log. We are doing prodigy which is the math game your teachers teach you stuff and then you review it by playing the game and you kind of just solve problems and features and stuff like that. Tech Expo Booth is world language expositions and we have been using different programs to learn multiple languages including Japanese, Spanish, French, etc. at our school and we have been presenting those programs at the booth to show the audience and also present some videos and games to show how has been learning in the classroom as well as studying for tests. So we teach second grade and we’ve been exposing our students to different ways that they can code we use pro dot org we also have robots that they can use the same type of drag and drop the introductory coating method of robots communicate with each other and this way coding doesn’t seem so scary they’re able to see how it’s all just commands. Its really interesting to see a grandparent parent and student and the generation gaps so hey wait a minute in 1973 was the first mobile phone and now you’re kids are smart phones and then some so to see all that in one spot yeah amazing. You look around the kids really have a delight showing their families in the community all that they’ve learned through technology so it’s been fabulous. I think the big thing here is really showing students technology is involved in everything. You don’t have to worry about, you know, say that I’m going to go be a coder, or I’m going to design computers, this proves, shows the students that technology is involved whether you’re going to be a fashion designer whether you’re going to be in the automotive industry whether you’re going to be a chef. No matter what you’re going to be in you will utilize technology in some way, shape or form. And you see it from the diversity of the booths that are around here. We think it’s incredibly important at Blue Origin to inspire students to go into Stem career field not only so they can come work for us one day but so they can contribute to be incredible technological advances that are happening in our country today. Well the skills that you learn in the tech expo are easily transferred into the business world because all of the skills around creativity thought processes building teamwork those are skills that are used across the board. Our Tech Expo as I mentioned is truly a signature learning event what I understand now in Washington state alone 740,000 jobs in the stem related field will be needed within the next five years so if we are not helping to prepare our students to be successful and certainly to be career connected with we’re not helping our economy in Washington State and so this event is a perfect opportunity to ensure that our teachers our students and our community understand the importance of technology and the relationship that it has to teaching and learning every day. Thank you for joining us at this year’s Tech Expo, and we’d like to thank these sponsors We Love Tech Expo!

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