Tech Deck Dudes Series 1 Unboxing Mini Skateboarding Collectible Figures

This video is sponsored by Spin Master Today on Surprise and Play Tech Deck Dudes It’s blind bag time! Wow, there’s so many of them oh, I see a super rare one! Whoa! who is this guy? This is cool dude! Surprise and Play! Hi everybody, I’m Chocolate Chip Are you ready for a surprise? Yeah Ok close your eyes Open your eyes Wow! It’s Tech Deck Dudes! Wow there’s so many of them! yes Thank you Spin Master toys! they are series one collectibles Wow! Cool! ha ha This is a pack of four We have any collector We got a guy on a skateboard and we got another guy on a skateboard and we got this guy doing tricks on the skateboard And we also got a mystery one ooo I think it’s a special one I hope it’s a secret rare one maybe So we got the small one This is a two pack We have this guy with the skateboard on him and we have the mystery one on it blind bags! whoo hoo! look, you can also get the super rare one Zombie Swarm Money Mob and Ghost Gang Oh my goodness We should get these ones We have common are the ones with the blue dot Rare have a yellow dot and ultra rare have a red dot Oh that’s cool! I want to get this one yeah Tech Deck Dudes! he he he There all over the place Don’t forget to smile! kiss I’m gonna save those for later ok so let’s open the packs first? yeah alright Let’s open this one Let’s do it! Super Gekko Muscles! I got it I got it … I told you I got it Wow! There’s a blind bag Let’s see what’s inside this blind bag first Wow it’s a skateboard and … what is in here? There’s a little ninja on here Tech Deck Dude Wow, he’s super cool They do have stands Oh it is a stand we got a checklist ok let’s see the checklist Oh we got a skateboard with him Now we can skateboard them I think he’s the fastest Oh he’s the fastest He’s the fastest? They’re having a race That’s King Bling King Bling and he’s a common common He’s a common! and we also have Cool Half cab Cool Half Cab Cool Half Cab is also a common Yeah You can also put this little stand and you can also put your little mini figs We can put our Tech Deck Dudes in the container Alright Let’s put them in and save them for later It’s very cool Let’s close it now Alrighty Now let’s open the next pack Wow this is a … oh! I see a super rare one Wow this is super cool, we got him! Isn’t he cool? It’s Phantom Frank Wow! and he is … oh he’s a common Wow! I thought he was an ultra rare but he’s a common Wow, this is different Look at him, he looks so angry but he has to be happy So this is Sargent Big Spin and he is rare Oh my goodness that’s cool! sargent Big Spin! We can keep our Tech Deck Dudes in here Wow! Wow we got a blind bag but first let;s look at the toy Who’s this guy? I’ll tell you who he is He got out of the skateboard Oh he’s Prince Pop and he is rare Oh he’s cool It’s Prince Pop and now we can open our blind bag Oh oups! Hey come back here lid! Hmmm, I think that’s Fresh Felix Fresh Felix? It’s Fresh Felix! He’s from the Money Mob Oh that’s cool! He’s a common Now let’s use this pack Ooo, we can get the mystery one ha-ya Oh we got this one … and we got it black cool Who is this guy? I don’t know Let me see the dude argh! ha ha ha Hid name is bad bone oh he’s a limited edition! Yes, we got him! He’s limited edition … I wanted this guy before Who is this guy? Can I see him? That’s funny, who is this guy? Oh he is a book worm a book worm that’s funny book worm book worm We can stack it here and here stack it whoa! it doesn’t work This is cool dude! whoa! We got these … they’re all Tech Deck Dudes He’s from the Ninja Squad His name is Slicer Cool! Slicer! Haya haya haya he has the number two on it Sick Steph! Sick Steph is from the Street Squad he has the number one He has a number one? Don’t throw it on me! argh! ha ha ha ha ha oh there he is He’s Thrash! Thrash! Thrash! All the dudes in the container Oh now I popped it Oh, who’s this guy? This guy is from the Army Troop and he is a rare Lutenant Lipslide Lutenant Lipslide! Ok oups! ha ha ha Oh I smashed a lot whoa et that out Whoa! He flies into the air! This is King Crush Limited edition! Yeah we got him! King Crush! this is cool But who is this guy? Oh my gosh I think that’s another limited edition is he? Oh no He’s made out of cement and he’s from the Concrete Crew It’s Ruthless Rocco! He’s upside down on his skateboard That’s a cool trick! Yeah that’s a cool trick! This is Smashout! Smashout? That’s cool! Ready, steady go! He’s the fastest Open it Who is this guy? I don’t know Who is that? It’s from the Poser Posse It’s Mayor Bailout Cool! Here he is Mayor Bailout! Mayor Bailout is a rare! Rare? … that’s cool!!! That’s super cool dude! Oh this is a lot of mini figs This is the last pack and we can open our blind bags now Yeah after this one you can open your blind bags It’s stuck! Here you go! It exploded like boom! Tech Deck Dudes! Whoa Argh! ha ha ha that’s funny He’s sitting down on his skateboard this guy He is … Nolly and he’s limited edition! cool! Nolly! Ok now this is Major Air! And he’s a common from the Army Troop Who’s this guy? I don’t know He’s just doing like a skateboard Oh that’s Grillz Grillz Grillz is from the Money Mob We can use the containers and you can stack them! and you can display the figures inside that’s so cool! It’s blind bag time! Let’s open it! Wow we got a checklist Whoa, who is this guy? He’s Samurai! Samurai is a common Cool, he’s a really cool common! Let’s open the next blind bag Oh this blind bag is squashed! We got another special rare one? That’s cool, we see him He’s on this list! We got him, I just want him from a long time You wanted him? Yeah he’s Sir Spooks Blind bags, blind bags, blind bags!!! Let’s open the next one Whoa who is this guy? Oh I think you already got him Fresh Felix! Ok next one Let’s look at the toy Who is this guy? That’s Prince Pop again Prince pop again? Oh we have a lot of them Yeah we have two of them now … yeah They can be twins yeah Let’s open the next one Oh here it is … I think he’s a dupplicate again Yeah that’s Lutenant Lipslide again Lipslide again oh ha ha ha Whoa! Did I win? Did you win? That’s from the Brainy Bunch It’s … Robo Rhonda It’s a girl It’s a girl A girl Tech Deck Dude Robo Rhonda Robo Rhonda! Now let’s open the next one Ooo who is this guy? Jungle Jim! Jungle Jim is a common He’s from the Wild Warriors Cool and he has a bone He has a dinosaur bone and let’s look at the first toy let’s dump it out and we got a sword and he got a sword and he also got a golden skateboard oh that’s Sensei Slash Sensei Slash! He’s from the Ninja Squad Ninja Squash! Not squashm squad Ha ha ha Ninja … I can’t say it all the ghost ones you like? Yeah let’s get all of them in here ok let’s see Oh he’s from the Zombie Swarm Zombie Swarm Viral Vince and he is a rare Oh my goodness I just want this guy but I don’t like this guy you don’t like him? You’re scared of the Zombie? ha ha ha He’s a zombie Tech Deck Dude this is the last blind bag which one do you want to get? hmmmm I want the um, hmmm this golden one oh I hope you do No fair I was getting that golden one! Oh it’s not the golden one? Oh I was trying to get that golden one what is it? Oh that’s Hammer Hat Hammer Hat? Yeah I think he’s like a construction worker Hammer Hat!!! he he he He’s from the Poser Posse Poser Posse! If you have any questions, place it in the comments and subscribe to my channel for lots more toys Thanks guys! Bye I’m gonna play with all my Tech Deck Dudes! Swoosh! Tech Deck Dudes! I can’t wait to collect them all! this is awesome dude! Bye thanks for watching click subscribe thumbs up I heart you subscribe see you next time and we’re gonna have fun Surprise and Play! Awe he’s so cute kiss

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