Tech Deck Dudes In Real Life! The Most Ridiculous Skateboarding Toy for Kids

this video sponsored by Spin Master Hey Cole look at what ridiculous tricks my Tech Deck Dude can do mine can do ridiculous tricks too If it’s not ridiculous it’s not Dudes Do you see that? Is that the Rozz Cow? It’s a real life Tech Deck Dude! do you dudes think your ridiculous enough
for tech Deck dudes yeah! your not ridiculous enough for tech
dudes yes we are! yeah you’re gonna have to prove it with a ridiculous battle. are you ready bring it on Are you ready to
face the ridiculous Rozz cow [magic chime] [splat splat] I come in peace you guys are ridiculous that’s it man…
you guys are too ridiculous you guys won the battle so I’m gonna give you these Tech Deck dudes take care of them make sure their as ridiculous as you you
guys are too much dude That’s awesome! dudes! rolling out of Dudesburg these ridiculous collectible skaters have
grungy outfits and Narly attitudes check out these Tech Deck Dudes Tech deck Dudes are wacky collectible skaters that let kids experience the world of skate in ridiculous ways put them on the removable boards and use the working wheels to pull off grinds
and flips With over 70 dudes and 11 crews you never know if you’re gonna land a member of the ninja squad ghost
gang wild warriors or more or even more Tech Deck dudes are available in a four pack
a two pack or a blind bag let’s find out what’s in our first blind
bag I think I got a zombie yeah he’s like a circle in there let’s open it it’s a ninja squad person Sensei Slash he’s a rare The Ninja Squad’s home is Disaster Dojo the ninja squad is a mysterious group of
skaters who tend to keep to themselves intensely training in the art of
skate I really want Tornado Tom oh wait, I see blue and this is who I got his name is smashed
out he’s a common I think that might be one of the zombie crews this time yeah I
think it is if it is yeah it is That’s Viral Vince from the zombie horde crew which is a rare similar to ghost gang these skaters are also dead unlike ghost gang you will definitely see them and hear them and smell them you might even get chased by them if they get hungry You might get tornado tom I’m hopeing it’s not tornado tom It’s Freddy Flip From the Street Squad and their home is Dudesburg underground these young
suburban slackers skate hard and skate often they love to cause trouble for
their teachers parents and just about anyone else who stands in their way a Ninja squad guy Nunchaku from the Ninja Squad and he’s a common ohh! it’s the red version of Nunchaku oh! It’s Slicer Slicer is a common oh! It’s Timber from the Street squad Oh! an Ultra Rare! This is another one I was waiting for! this is Primo from the money mob crew their home is Icy Estates The money mob is on fleek on the streets doing sweet tricks is cool but looking good while doing it is even cooler these hype beasts
sport the latest fashions the hotest bling and the fanciest decks oh! it’s skateboard fell out oh! money mob It’s Grillz from the money mob let’s see Fresh Felix from the money mob crew we also got mayor bailout
about from the Posser posse sir spooks from the ghosts gang major air from the army troop crew This is Jungle Jim from the wild warriors ruthless rocco from the concrete crew Imagine a place where skating is as natural as breathing a culture where skating has been part of the DNA since inception that is Planet
skate if teachers doctors and grandparents skate there’s only one way
to stand out competition tricks must be crazier personalities more ridiculous so
the competition becomes relentless will meet the hilarious personalities that
occupy planets skate and get a glimpse of what life is like if everyone was born
on boards and if you want to know where to buy Tech Deck Dudes Check out the description for that

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