Tech Deck at a REAL Skatepark!!

(skateboard swooshing) (friends cheer) – [Shaun] What! What? – First try. That’s first try. – [Shaun] Do a trick. Whoa, cool trick. Oh you put your feet on it? Skateboard. Here I’ll hold your hand. Can you say skateboard day? No? It’s a penny. It’s a skateboard day. (skateboard clattering) Skateboard day and we got a new package. And it’s from Toy Machine
and it says Shonduras rules at life, so we’re going to open it. (package rustling) Are you ready? – Very. – This is the skateboard crew today. This is Ethan without hair. Flash to Ethan with hair. Make some noise, come on
we’re going to open a box. (cheering) Baby, shh, baby’s asleep! Now Ethan without hair. With hair. (oohing) – I saw these before they even came out. – Without hair. He doesn’t have hair anymore. This came in like four days
ago and we skated yesterday, but I’ve been waiting for
the weekend to open it, ’cause it’s the weekend! Wow. I’m hyped on this. I got more cat skateboards.
My favorite skateboard. We got a green cat skateboard. A black cat skateboard. Then we got this one, her
arm turns into her leg. Sounds a little bit weird. – [Ethan] Skateboard
videos, plenty of ’em. – [Shaun] Skateboard socks, plenty of ’em. – [Ethan] T-shirts. – Skateboard wax, this
is what you put on stuff, so it’s slippery it feels
like a slip ‘n’ slide when you’re skating it. This is a beanie. Brady come here, you
have the coolest hair. – [Brady] We got twice
the amount of one hat. – [Shaun] And this beanie,
you got to go lower, bend your knees, that’s
the beanie, it looks great. – [Ethan] Posters, Alex Croix’s barracks. – We got shirts, it’s a good shirt. This is my favorite shirt,
when I was growing up, when I played Tony Hawk’s
Pro Skater, the video game, this is the shirt I’d
always put on my character because it was so cool, I had a skateboard that looked like this
when I was in 11th grade. Cool, right? – Tech Decks, so when
you are not skateboarding and you’re at the office– – You’re still skateboarding! I love Tech Decks, here’s another one. – [Brady] We have five billion stickers. – Billion. These are really cool, hey,
these are all the same, do you guys want one? Let’s just, instead of
skating skate parks, let’s tech deck skate parks today. We’re going to shred ’em. I think that’s it,
should we go skateboard? Let’s do it. Best day ever stuff. Hey look, we’re at a new skate park, an actual new skate park, it’s brand new, I’ve never been here. It has this really cool snake run, and it has this. Pretty cool right? How excited are you? – On a scale of one to 10? – [Shaun] Yeah. – 12, ish. – Whoa!
– Geez. Nice. (upbeat music) (laughing) – [Ethan] Oh dude, you dropped your phone, – [Shaun] Phone down, phone down! – Dropped your cell phone.
– Oh we’re good. (laughing) (upbeat music) (shouting) – [Shaun] The coolest water
bottle you’ve ever seen. – What’s up man?
– What’s up dude? Shout out to these guys, we’re shredding with them today, have fun. (upbeat music) – [Shaun] You alright man? (upbeat music) (laughing) – Couldn’t transfer to your board. That would have been cool. – [Kid] Oh my god. (upbeat music) (whooping) – It worked! Now we’re going to try
and skate this thing. It looks pretty gnarly,
more than half of it it just straight wall, straight vert. Ooh. Alright, I’ll set you guys
right here and you guys just enjoy the show okay? (skateboard whizzing) – [Shaun] What? What? – First try, that was first try! – That was insane, wow! Holy, dude, that was gnarly, – That’s how we do it. – You just did it, wow. (video game effects) (chip tune music) (groans) (laughing) – [Shaun] Oh yeah! Sick! Good session, we’re going to go back now, and my friends are playing volleyball, so now volleyball, go! You ready Brandon? – I’m so ready. You ready?
– Same, super ready. (upbeat music) – I was on the way home
and I called Jenny, and she was on the way home, and we were both the same distances from being home, and I got home first,
so I’m just making this to let you know I got
home first, there’s Jenny. – Hey. – I beat you. Hi Adley! Hey, what are you doing? – [Shaun] Oh, are you
watching a movie in there? Good job, should we play a game? Okay. (spitting) – [Jenny] Are doing your makeup? Good job. All done. Yes, thank you. Thank you. Oh man it’s broken. – [Shaun] I’m going to
get you, get you get you! (laughing) Get you get you get you! (laughing) ♫ Baby shark, do do do ♫ Baby shark, do do do ♫ Adley shark, do do do (Adley flatulates) – [Jenny] Ew, did you toot? – [Shaun] Did you toot? (laughing) Did you toot? (laughing) – [Jenny] It was you huh? – No it was Adley. It was the baby shark. – Baby shark. ♫ Do do do, baby shark – [Jenny] He got a bubble beard. – [Shaun] Will you wash my face? Come wash it. (humming) Clean face. There’s more? Thank you, clean kiss! (smooching) Oh, put the shark up, good job. Okay, say night night shark. – [Jenny] Blanky on the shark? (thudding) – [Shaun] Night night shark. – [Jenny] Are you going
to sing to him now? – [Shaun] Oh he’s waking up, hurry, sing! ♫ Good night to you, good night to you ♫ Go to sleep, good night little – [Shaun] Okay he’s asleep, shh. Okay he’s asleep. – [Jenny] You’ll have some dreams tonight. – [Shaun] Good job. (upbeat music) (groaning) – [Ethan] Dude, you okay? – I think it’s just
sprained, part of the sport. – [Ethan] (sighs) Not again.

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100 thoughts on “Tech Deck at a REAL Skatepark!!

  1. So, I love you and everything Broduras, but I have to be honest with you, Adley is my favourite person ever! πŸ™‚ she wins life, I think you are ensuring the creation of an archetype, which if followed (and people's means elevated), that would make this world realize its wonderful and magick potential. Pan the Man 4 life, love your guts!

  2. I've noticed recently that some of the music in the vlogs is louder than the rest of the audio. I just wanted to let you guys know. Thanks.

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