Tech Deals – Budget Router

hey welcome to tech deals and easily the
items you can get for very very very cheap you could probably find them for
like anywhere from five to ten bucks and you can find it on ebay but wait there’s more guys what if I
told you oh wait so look this thing’s Almost complete yeah and also close there is cartiges
as well and then in this box a found two DS and 3 3DS purchased which I would
actually like to collect so that’s nice. I will not disclose the price so first up we got Smash Bros 3ds second up we got
punch time explosion seeing him also we have the lego movie for 3Ds and yeah
pirate of the Caribbean for DS new super mario bros I loved playing
that on my PHONE (Gets demoed) okay we have reached the ending of this
video right here and feel free to drop a like and help us get to 75 subscribers I
think yeah that should be good cool!

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