Tech Conference Gets Pervy, Creepy and Sexist? TYT Supreme Court Ruling

drama broke out at the Tech Crunch
annual conference in at San Francisco’s the technology
conference and there were two different up proposed aP’s that were being presented
on stage one of them was a joke it’s not listed stare and sits there is apparently an app
where you want me Calle Ocho Rios have yourself spirit its okay you can understand why
this is a joke did you know that looking at press is directly linked to good healthy hearts now that David bolt and
actually we have a video of him explain it it’s Derek and then you can kinda understand why
some people were a little offended by it second and then there’s a second half
two years the second half to the second app its something about seeking its own
noticed circle shake and the developer about out
discusses it video as well so let’s take a look sits there is a nap where you take
photos of yourself staring at tits y de what well I’ll tell you to throw
its I it’s my good friend science goliath did you know that looking at
press is directly linked with a good healthy art what’s the problem though well women
just thought that warm to it let’s start a live demo 0 alt we I’ve poet birdies day okay I was I was very clear them not guilty
and look so the video yeah okay so let me just say week as I was
reading about a mic whatever its but then you see them if they would
like juvenile like twelve-year-old her 11-year-old who are you simulating masturbation a movie whatever
I just got everything that’s cool I away I like as a woman I’m not offended
by any of that alt it’s there was an offensive but then
again I’m not part that culture I’m not parted solo con
Valley I don’t know what it’s like to be a
woman in Silicon Valley and from what I’ve heard it seems like it’s very very
difficult for women to get taken seriously there so I can understand if they might feel
like they’re outcasts in that Coulter but as a woman sitting here and feeling
perfectly fine in comfortable and happy with what I’m doing and where I am I feel like what’s the big deal why does
that matter I feel like if they were you to say this release also done bolster you know they would be fair but %uh so
some people are offended in some were if because a feminist
reasons but others were because they had kids in the room so here’s richard Air Jordan he goes
there goes my to teach my 9-year-old girl how welcoming tech industries to women
shoes Aussies and wake ap guy so the Aussies were the
guys at it it’s their joke and another one looked it is don’t care about that at
all I you know funny enough who cares I
don’t know I just couldn’t get emotional about that the and when I first read the tweet
without seeing the video a sec yeah I have a girl like in one day
she said you know years old and if some guy that that like whatever any issues like
o’dowd what is that ago he’s making orange what efforts make up something a mover
ride but actually it is oh what’s that was like bring it down man literally bring it
down okay like I don’t but the bottom line is they’re
trying to be funny they’re trying to lighten it up and I
don’t want these tech country covers already covers to be like all like super serious no one ever make
a joke alright this is really Sauber saw I saw
him leaning towards not guilty and also people who work in Silicon
Valley er superyacht and so they joke around and do I mean the
reason why I am NOT so quick to get offended by it is
because I think about our work environment in and week with similar work environment where
there wasn’t like purview surrendered servo six-week like we have oMG not uncomfortable we have
inappropriate conversations or your for the corporate
inviolate not corporate obviously but if you’re we were in the
corporate environment it would be a disaster which is why was freaking out
yesterday in the class I was teaching because I was cursing and I was like
fuck Kors pic how’s that you’re at work it’s totally
fine than anywhere else it’s not I i need to drop in on this let’s go ahead rub alright people are
offended a JR Jackson thoughts because the
successive good I’ll totally completely guilty
would we list the usefulness of this in it lock it there’s no usefulness that
sister Diana number two it’s not funny as the love I
merely said to be human i mean sometimes it because when the one last time they
were funny yeah he’s trying new try a way from a
dude if they also don’t play basketball they
shouldn’t do that either there be dis is a funny so it’s would miss that yes just don’t
do what you can’t do you not funny ladies apply again again ft so there you see this guy
jerking off with this phone in it looks like the 10-year-old the 12 is
you’re saying is that’s stupid so what has grown ass man and say
this woman in the in the conference then the sadness
around about all these sexually but suppressed men there that
think its offer goes whose in like said men with have can I back out here with my back to all that
anyone grabbing because like this about a weird my heart is there that now it’s
like a cop it’s gonna fucking weirdos now like how you set the tone in that is
just weird like with what’s wrong with you guys okay now by the way before we
go further the lemme know that the tech quench Co
editors we’re putting the other compass a Alexia
totes is an Eric Eldon apologize so they agree which
air they say normally are backup dancer showcase for
developers of all stripes to create sure something cool but
earlier today the spirit of our event was moored by two misogynistic presentations okay decisiveness the week is but week is for masturbation misogynistic I don’t know I don’t know I don’t I
don’t know if that massages I just like I said all I can go by is how I feel
when I see it and I feel like that guy made a fool out
of himself I did yeah I did buy it I think I just embarrassed himself so I would be not guilty I’m gonna not
guilty based on what they did I don’t care that it’s their thing that was really funny but I didn’t
offend me %uh the second thing wasn’t funny he embarrassed himself and
I wasn’t offended but the one thing that I would say is
okay why don’t we actually take a look at things that are misogynistic with in Silicon Valley
and you know you have to investigate this further but apparently women make far less in
Silicon Valley than men do they make about 49 cents on the dollar so if I hear you but this million
reasons for the exactly so like I said you have to investigate that and if you
come up with actual good arguments that we can have a
discussion about misogyny in Silicon Valley but things like this it just reminds me
like the frappe my mentality their feet they think they’re funny they think
they’re having fun in the process of doing that they just
embarrass themselves and I’m just I don’t really care so aren’t you RJR’s
come back for it because he brought a few things about that was the case here you know you want to discuss her
part reminded me of something at the frat boy mentality how many
stories we’ve done about is fred was a raping girls in college examine how are you rate also stores
that happen you know they have it but that’s not
necessarily related to this you with great atmosphere where people think they
can do shit like this in and they do the next in the comes
ahead because they’re suppress anything kid that did that guy who’s doing the
masturbation these the young lady’s lawyer yeah I thought we had some rapists are
that the reason good your credit now your way over the
top anyway I Chief Justice JR took it over the overboard I was
gonna stain but he made me say not guilty I sergeant who are spread out you’re crazy now to local you talk to
Frank culture overall and you know the other than mom with you again there’s concerns straight this I we’re we’re that’s a helluva stretch
there anyway we have decided it’s 321 not guilty but next time BRRip yeah own is apparently it’s now playing well okay

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50 thoughts on “Tech Conference Gets Pervy, Creepy and Sexist? TYT Supreme Court Ruling

  1. I'm with the big guy. I think it's perfectly fine that they were doing that! It was a joke! I mean, sure it wasn't funny, but they were trying to be funny. I don't think they were seriously trying to be offensive!

  2. Women have a difficult time in Silicon Valley?  Difficult to be taken seriously?  Meg Whitman (Hewlett-Packard), before Meg — Carly Fiorina (Hewlett-Packard), Marissa Mayer (Yahoo).  Two decades ago when I worked there my supervisors were women.  It's possible your right.  I only have a superficial knowledge of the conditions in the Bay area at the moment. (I'll know for sure what the situation is when I get a job-related website going.)

  3. Thanks Anna for the brilliance. "It's not affecting me so fuck the women who are made uncomfortable by it!!! lol i am a feminist~~~~~" 

  4. It was childish and stupid, and I can agree it would be offensive.  More like something to do at a frat party. But to suggest these men were expressing hatred, or were closet rapists is beyond stupid.

  5. was it stupid? yes. embarrassing? absolutely. misogynistic? not one bit.

    "Thanks Anna for the brilliance. 'It's not affecting me so fuck the women who are made uncomfortable by it!!! lol i am a feminist~~~~~' "

    of course, fuck them! if they get uncomfortable from something as tame as that, then that's their own problem (it's not like the guy pulled his dick out; he made a suggestive hand movement). if you wanted to avoid making people like that uncomfortable, you'd probably also have to remove all nudity from the media.

  6. These kind of apps are very popular and make tons of money. So, in this setting it was fair to talk about them but the presentations could have been handled more professionally. 

  7. Those geeks are tinkering with their gadgets even in their sleep, no wonder they are a bit… disconnected from the real world.

  8. Anyone who says the footage is misogynistic or that the commentary is misandrist needs a good swift kick in the teeth. I'm so fucking tired of tumblr feminists and MRAs over dramatizing every little bit of bullshit. 
    completely agree w/ Cenk

  9. What's offensive is not that it's denigrating to women. It's offensive because the speakers clearly don't consider women as being part of their audience and therefore apart of the industry… and that is offensive: to be left out of the conversation.

  10. any everyday-culture-savvy person would get the pun intended in those two instances of sexual innuendo referring to the "proper use" of technology in today's*sex crazed* culture.

  11. I'm not protecting the app developers cause what they did was not funny, idk about wrong if their where kids then yes, but I'm slightly offended by The Young Turks cause they seemed to be assuming computer programmers are sexually repressed and can't get laid.  I'm a computer science major and most aren't like this there are weirdos in every profession male and females.

  12. Facepalm… I'm a tech guy, have been my whole life. That shit was not funny it was retarded and it doesn't help the overall attitude towards science in this country.

  13. As a long time Silicon Valley tech worker of 3 years, I can tell you that tech is not just a job, it's a culture and a way of life. If people are offended by that, then don't go into tech, and don't force us to change. Simple as that. Engineering and programming requires certain cognitive abilities like spacial reasoning and math, and if you have other types of cognitive abilities, go into a line of work more suited to them. 

  14. JR is way over board. Must be a pure liberal because nobody can do anything without fear of offending someone else. Plz.

  15. why do liberals think lesser males are creepy? this only shows that liberals support eugenics, as a manlet who has been discriminated by social justice warriors porn is the only relief I have, also explains why liberals onky care about races whit suoerior genetics to whites… blacks, and ignore faces whit lesser physical atributes than whites.

  16. hear the tone of that genetically privileged black dude talking about how inferior these guys are to him…

  17. To the people saying that it's a joke and not sexist. Assuming that women aren't in the audience is sexist. It's assuming that it's just men. And when you add that women aren't paid as much as men you start to get a good view of what the tech industry is like for women. it's not strange that women don't want to work there if this is the atmosphere there.

  18. Jayar must be on crack if he thinks that a bunch of nerdy programmers are gonna "take it to the next level" with rape after making some cheesy boob app. Sensationalist melodrama much?

  19. Ana, this t-t stare is totally stupid, and does not help the heart. How can anyone fall for such stupidity? P.S. you need to wear sweaters more often.

  20. Sexualizing female bodies reduces respect for them as human beings and coworkers. It is used to take away power and dignity- that's why this kind of behavior is wrong. I wonder if they would mind if there was an app that published the penis sizes of men (since revenge porn is mainly used on women). Even that is not truly equivalent since dick pics prove that men want others to look.

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