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– Today, we are talking to Andru Edwards, the best YouTube tech creator in the world and we’re startin’ right now. (hip-hop music) – What is going on? My name is Nick. Welcome to another video. If this is your first time here and you want to learn
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with Andru Edwards. – What’s up?
– What’s going on, man? – Sorry to interrupt. – No, it’s great, man. It’s an honor to have
you on the channel, man. I’ve been wanting to meet you forever. – Same here. – This is just fantastic
to have you on the channel. What we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna give you some tips on actually running a tech channel. Sound good to you?
– Absolutely, absolutely. – Tip number one, Andru, on
running a tech channel is what? – The first thing I would
say for anybody out there who wants to run a tech channel
is to remove the concept of being strictly a YouTuber. In this day and age, you
need to be everywhere where the people are. Tech, in particular, is
really big not just on YouTube but since tech is a part
of our everyday lives, it’s huge on Facebook because
that’s where everybody is. On Instagram. Whenever someone gets a new phone or pretty much new anything, they’re taking pictures of
it, they want to share it. You need to get into
your mind immediately, YouTube may be your base, but
you really want to make sure you’re everywhere on social media in order to grow properly. – Excellent tip. So, just broaden yourself out. Don’t just look at the YouTube platform. Say, “How can I actually
grow this as a brand?” – Right, I’m a content creator. I’m a brand, if you will, personal brand. I need to be where everybody is rather than expecting
everyone to come to me. – Excellent, excellent. Tip number two. – Tip number two. Do not be a fanboy or fangirl. I’m sure you’ve seen this online, right? Fanboys, fangirls, whether
it’s PlayStation versus Xbox, whether it’s iPhone versus Android, whether it’s PC versus Mac,
there’s people who say, “I like this, therefore, this
is what everybody should like. “If they don’t like what
I like, they’re wrong.” That is good for entertainment value. I love to watch people rant
as much as the next guy. But for building an audience,
what you’re providing isn’t information. Information needs to be agnostic. It needs to be informative,
that’s the word. So, really get used to
the fact that you need to be able to separate
yourself from the product and you need to be able
to objectively look at any product and figure
out who that product is for. Because every product out
there, whether you like it or hate it, there is
someone that that product is made for and you need
to communicate and talk to that person.
– Nice. Okay, let’s do iPhone and Android. Essentially, if you’re like, “Hey, I’m just an iPhone person.” Or, “Hey, I’m just and Android person.” Yeah, you’re drawing your line in the sand but you’re also eliminating
half of your potential market. – Right and why would you do that? Second of all, I carry an iPhone. iPhone has been my phone
of choice since it launched back in 2007. So, for 10 years, iPhone’s
been my phone of choice. – And Samsung has been my phone
of choice and you’re wrong. No, I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding. – But, if I were to say
to you, “iPhone’s best,” and you know for a fact that for you Samsung devices are the best then why would you watch me anymore? Beause you know I don’t
have best interest at heart. If you went to my channel, you’ll see any device that gets released, especially from the smartphone perspective because those are so
huge, I’m reviewing them and I review them objectively. I know that this is the best device for me but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think the Samsung Galaxy Note 8
is probably the best phone of the year. I can easily say that. The reason this is better for me is because I’m in the Apple ecosystem. I use a Mac, I use Final Cut Pro, and I use iCloud heavily. So, even if the Note 8 is a better device, it’s not a better device for me. So, you need to be able
to figure out and talk to the people who these
devices are made for because those people will trust
you no matter who they are and that broadens your audience. – Tip number three, what do you got? – Tip number three. How many tips are there supposed to be? – We’re doing three.
– Alright, we’re doing three. – So, bring this one hard. – We’re gonna bring it home right now. – Power tip, power tip right here. – Brand deals.
– Oh. – Why don’t we go there for a minute? Everybody on YouTube is
all about the brand deal. You either do them or you
wish you were doing them. What I want to tell people, especially if you’re starting out, is don’t focus on the
brand deal right away. Focus on building your channel up. Actually, this goes for
any type of channel, not just a tech channel. What you need to do is not think that as soon as you start uploading videos that you’re gonna be
making a ton of money. You need to put time into your craft. This is like anything else in the world. You need to put time in,
you need to put practice in. Once you’ve got a flow
going, you’ve built up your subscriber base,
you’ve built up views, then start reaching out to
brands but do it the right way. – What way is that? – There’s a few different
ways you can do this. One way is to look around,
what are the things you use? You have a camera that
you’re using for YouTube, you have a mic. Reach out to the companies of products that you use and love already
and reach out on Twitter and say, “Hey, I use your products “and I’m thinking of doing a feature. “I’d love to work with you on this.” And just see what happens. Expect in advance that
90 to 95% of the people are gonna say no and that’s just normal. There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t get a bite like that. – And that also doesn’t mean
you shouldn’t stop asking. – No, no, not at all, not at all because they may not be ready today. They may be ready next
week but keep asking. The other thing, my hidden
tip that not many people do, LinkedIn is powerful for
sealing a brand deal. Here’s why. You see a product, more often than not, you
don’t know who to talk to. I want to talk to Cannon
about doing something on their latest camera. You go to “Okay, I’m gonna email info. “Do I email customer support? “I don’t know.” What you do is you go to LinkedIn, type in Cannon as the company,
and search for marketing. Anybody who works at Cannon and marketing will come up and then what
you can do is search Google. What you’re gonna want to find out is what is the email address
format for Cannon. So, is it first initial, last name? Is it first name, dot, last name? Is it first name, last name with no dot? Whatever it is or @us.cannon? Whatever it is, you use
Google to find that, you compare that to your LinkedIn results and you start emailing
and you will get a hit. These are people that are more hidden so they don’t get as many pitches. That will be a success. – It’s a back door.
– Right. And part three of this third tip. Have a dedicated media kit. – What should that kit consist of? – I have a PDF document that I send with any pitch that I do or any brand that reaches out to me. Page one is all my stats. I’m on all these social networks, here’s how many followers
or subscribers I have. I have the total of everything at the top. I have a little bio of myself. Page two, the logos of every
brand I’ve ever worked with. So, it’s a very impressive page. You got Apple’s logo on
there, you got Samsung’s. Any tech brand you can think
of, they’re on that page. Page after that, any
accolades you may have gotten. If you’re big, you’ll
have awards you’ve won. If you’re still starting
out, increased channel size by 300% in the past six months. Think of ways to make yourself sound good. Then, on the fourth
page, I put some rates. Here’s what I offer, to make it very easy. These are the services I offer. If you want to work with
me, here’s the price. And that it. You make it look nice. – And professional.
– Professional. And if you don’t have the
skill to make it look nice, find someone who does and
be willing to pay them to make you a nice looking media kit. I’ve heard from more than
10 brands just this year. “I’ve never gotten a
professional-looking PDF like this “from anyone that asked
me for a brand deal. “This is amazing.” And it makes you set yourself apart. It’s like having an amazing resume. That’s exactly what it is. In this world, that’s your resume. So, those are my tips. What do you think? – Those are fantastic. If they want to find out
more about Andru Edwards, they want to find out
more about what it is that you’re into, where can they find you? – Like I said, I believe
you should be everywhere, so I’m everywhere. If you want to find me on YouTube, it’s If you want to find me on
Instagram, It’s A-N-D-R-U. It’s very easy to score that
since it’s a very unique name. Then Twitter, – All right, Andru, excellent,
excellent information. – Thank you. – Thank you so much for
coming on the channel, man. I really appreciate it. – It’s an honor to be here. I’ve been watching you for a long time. And you, my friend, you
have been doing it right. I’ve been telling everybody
here at this conference, anybody who would listen, not many people want to listen to me. But anybody who would listen,
they need to subscribe to Nick Nimmin. So, you guys are ahead of the
curve by watching this guy. – Awesome, man, thank
you so much for that. I appreciate it.
– Absolutely. – And if you want to learn
how to grow you channel, make videos and all types of
other YouTube-related stuff start now by hitting
the round subscribe icon so you don’t miss anything. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time. Andru, thanks again, man.
– Thank you.

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