Tech CEO urges calm amid ‘mass exodus’ from Facebook’s Libra

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100 thoughts on “Tech CEO urges calm amid ‘mass exodus’ from Facebook’s Libra

  1. Facistbook must be destroyed ! Cuckzuck LIED LIED LIED to every user and exploited our personal information and sold it to the highest bidder ! This scumbag deserves to rot in prison and his fortune and property divided up and every person that used FB GETS reimbursed for selling our data without consent. Rotten maggot !!

  2. Yea, " Libra " don't think so [email protected]'s. Anything with that kind of name coming from them type of people, any relatively smart business man would know to steer clear from that. Get woke, and go broke !

  3. How about we take printing MONEY FROM THE "FED" AKA FOREIGN BANKS and back to the treasury. THEN Libra and other "crypto" currencies would be moot. Bring back Gold standard and REAL money. These currencies are the new "Tech" bubble…

  4. I do not have FB nor does anyone in my home. By the way that is by their choice. I personally will never have FakeBook again nor will my wife. Zuckerburg has shown his true colors and his agenda. We want no part of it.

  5. i am not a fan of libra, coz everyone will stop using cash and it is really against working class and companies. I would love cash and people not knowing how much capital everyone has. It is against our privacy.

  6. I hope Libra fails. It gets the foot in the door of a global currency controlled by unelected technocrats who are clearly biased left and do not hesitate to censor. Stay as far away from a China social credit system as possible.

  7. Libra logo is like water wave's. That's a Watergate's scam of barrel's of water to transact crypto currency for barrel of water with life worm's mating egg roll's.

  8. More globalist BS. I am only concerned about USA businesses that do business here. It's time for American taxpayers to quit propping up the rest of the world and for what? What is the rest of the world doing for us?

  9. I dropped Facebook. Evil anti American socialist scum. Its ran by Democrats..upchuck Schumer's daughter and muslims. They hate conservatives. Screw you Zuckerberg…hope you go bankrupt you trolling socialist. People are leaving Facebook. SPREELY..SPEAK FREELY.

  10. Three straight horizontal lines is the mathematical symbol for identical values.
    Three crooked horizontal lines is …

  11. Any crypto currency centrally controlled will fail in the market when compared to a free market solution unless government gets involved to protect it despite its failure.

  12. Facebook and its serpent Zuckerberg did indeed abuse their users safety, and only stupid people would now use Facebook which they should treat like the plague. Facebook has been proven to have its origins and roots within the CIA. Zuckerberg is the public face trying to engender trust among the people for this CIA monster, itself a corrupted and well proven disaster – deeply politicized, good at destabilizing other countries, good at organizing a coup against an elect American president and of course good at killing people, either individually or en masse.

  13. It's about time more companies leave Facebook. This kid Zuckerberg got lucky at too young an age. He has no morals.
    No one should deny him his glory. However when his greed is so major he doesn't know when to stop. He should not
    use his business to promote his own opinions. If users have their own opinions he should have the platform of being
    unbiased and leave the public alone. As far as disclosing our personal data Facebook as well as all other medias should
    butt-out. They offer a good program, then clutter it up with their own opinions and greed. How foolish is that???

  14. I think not… In the matter of fact, i think to be associated with facebook is bad for reputation.
    They are too… Shady.

  15. right…. Facebook is a brainwashing mechanism that stops freedom of speech and falsifies there fact checks in some cases. who want to control your every move. along with google and the other large media giants. check out the true whistle blowers. or be their puppets.

  16. companies should not have this immense power. daaah. like the electoral college evens the playing field Facebook has nothing but liberalism and power. and with the tech coming down the pike will only gain more power if your voice aint their voice you will never be heard. its like sympathy for the devil. the image of the beast will rule

  17. Facebook was a gov program first named "life start", and Zuckerberg isnt his real name.. its Rockefeller!!! All our info is now owned by china/Zuckerberg, and Libra is the next wave of financial control

  18. We dont need anything else from fb many have left many are leaving and many have been banned how long I think this world last fb will go down life myspace

  19. What a fantastically Orwellian name he's chosen. Meant to invoke the idea of freedom, instead, it is a means to facilitate rampant spending creating debt that rather than freeing a person, reduces them to dependence to rich, creditor masters, like Zuckerberg. This man has shown a long history of deceit and exploitative business practices and is only worthy of thorough and meticulous skepticism of anything he does

  20. I pray ruin to Facebook for being wicked elite so I pray earth quakes on their homes and business.

  21. sad thing is facebook google and the like has discovered the algorithm to the chemicals in your brain…. you just don;t know it yet…. dont you love science. all you still following the myth and the failed theory of evolution….. welcome to the real world of ones and zeros. the Master Programmer.

  22. Truth is the federal reserve told these puppet politician's what to do. Big money runs America not these " politician's ".


  24. Didn’t the Brothers he stole the Facebook idea from, go on to make Bitcoin! Seems his whole business model is to copy them! I wouldn’t trust Facebook or their corrupt crypto Ponzi scheme!

  25. Suckerberg, Soros, Clintons, Obamas, are the true fascists, using corporate money to exploit the masses of people around the world… they are not becoming fascists, they are fascists…
    and we are their slaves… self-enslaved by words that are lies & hopes… while they laugh…
    the media through repetition installs the herd mentality through producing victim mentality in the emotionally weak, in the excuse makers and complainers, the sexists & the immature…

  26. Hell no, I don't want this. What happens when FB doesn't like something you said on a comment? They could just suspend your money and take it away if you don't follow their ideology.

  27. Facebook is simply gathering personal info and selling it, so they can target you with propaganda. A covert operation.

  28. Facebook having even more ability to track what, where, and how much you spend your money? What could possibly go wrong? 🤔

  29. "The PROTOCOLS of the LEARNED ELDERS of ZION" – Audio Book
    Each person needs to know It is SATAN Concept!!!
    All history…real and future it is built according to this plan…

  30. Ugh. I'm annoyed that they are using the name of my star sign for this crap. Stop trying to drown out the true knowledge of the universe!

  31. Nobody's interested in Libra since day one. Facebook created the hype for their crypto that nobody cared about. It's sad really.

  32. I canceled my facebook account 6 months ago and don’t miss it . It is a dangerous media one wrong move on facebook can ruins you live . Jobs are lost relations are devastated friendship for ever gone.

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