Tech Bytes S2 Ep. 3 | Alexa is going to get disappointed

Hey guys, welcome to Tech Bytes S2 Ep. 3. If you’re new to the channel, this is a
series where I tell you about five recent events in the tech industry. I usually like to put this in perspective
for my viewers, so it’s easy to understand. So (eyebrows down) let’s get started. The first article comes from Ars Technica,
a website covering news and opinions in technology, science, politics, and society. They report that OnLeaks, a source of information
specializing in previously undisclosed information has just released new leaks for the galaxy
S11. The screen will be between 6.63-inch and 6.7-inches. This is a huge increase from the previous
6.1-inch screen. As usual the battery increases as you go up
in size which is great especially because it’s going to have an always on display. Overall, I think this will be an amazing phone,
and I’m excited to see how it gets reviewed. The second article comes from The Verge, An
American technology and news site. They report that Google has released a rather
interesting feature; it’s called Ambient mode. This is a feature that enables you to use
your smartphone as a Google Assistant, as well as to control your smart lights on a
handy, easy to use interface. It looks like this, and I think this could
pull users into the Google Assistant ecosystem. Only Sony Xperia phones, Nokia phones, Transsion
phones, Xiaomi phones, Lenovo’s Smart Tab M8 HD (when placed in its charging station),
and Yoga Smart Tab (when using its kickstand). Wait! Did you realize that Google’s own pixel
phones aren’t on the list? Yup. Very confusing! The third article comes from Engadget, a multilingual
technology blog network with daily coverage of gadgets and consumer electronics. They report that Google (again) has added
the benefit of 3 free months of Disney+ with the purchase of a Chromebook. This is cool, and I like that Google is looking
at things people actually like for once. What’s your opinion? And do you own a Chromebook? (Comment below.) The fourth article comes from CNBC, an American
pay television business news channel and news site. They report that Facebook has acquired Beat
Saber. Beat Saber is a game that involves hitting
boxes in the air. (video). This transaction took place on Tuesday, and
it’s not known what the amount of money exchanged was, YET! Facebook says, “We’re exploring many ways
to accelerate VR; this is just the beginning.” I hope that they’re not going to take down
the game because it looks really fun! The fifth article comes from Tech Crunch an
American online publisher focusing on the tech industry. They report that A-L-E-X-A will now has the
ability to speak in different tones. Now including disappointment, and excitement. (Plays Audio) Yay (sarcastic) just one more
freaky think in your life. Thanks for watching! If you love my content make sure to like the
video, subscribe, click the bell icon, and comment on the video if you have any questions. Goodbye!

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