TECH BAE | Full Official Teaser

Hi.. I’m Ayanda. It’s South African Xhosa actually.. It means “We Are Growing” In the past I have been guilty of ODWB “Online Dating – While Black” with devastating effects.. Let’s face it The dating world is NOT black girl friendly! Why? Yeah? I’m sorry! Ah ah! No! Heey heey I don’t KNOW you! Tjo a e! Stupid! That’s how I came to develop the YAS GURL dating app Yaaaasss!! Yes? Yaaas! Yes! No. Yaaaaaas! As in like – YaaaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaas! that.. 22andWHO is a company that embraces diversity I see a future where people could even be like – MATCHED based on their 22andWho results! know? I digress! –I have a question Wakanda It’s Ayanda! Oh – WaKAnda! Ooooh! – WakanDUUUUH – Yes, so my question was.. – it looks like ‘YAZ’ to me. – Like, if I were just looking at it. – Just reading it. – I would think that’s definitely ‘YAZ’ I don’t get these wypipo.. [Knock on door] [Heavy knocking] COMING! Jesus Have you seen this? You gotta fucking see this! –Sorry! Sorry sorry sorry! – SORRY! Oh my god Fuck. FUCK! It’s in the hundreds of thousands.. – And climbing! My man? What’sup Cucumber? She’s buggin’ actually! [“Yaaaaaaas”] Yo, she is crazy! Hey, that’s her! – Pssh, nah! Look! Look, that’s her! Stop playing, that’s her! Yo, Bae? TECH Bae, nigga? Yo, TECH BAE – is that you? Oh shit! YO TECH BAE! Can we go on a date? I’m 47% West African!

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22 thoughts on “TECH BAE | Full Official Teaser

  1. Buhahahahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ izo phuma nini na le web series? πŸ˜‚ I can’t wait wait for it seriously

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