Tech at Toy Fair 2018 Dispatch : Backyard Brains Hacked my Arm!

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35 thoughts on “Tech at Toy Fair 2018 Dispatch : Backyard Brains Hacked my Arm!

  1. Some really interesting stuff. My wife is a pre-school teacher and a couple of those would be a big hit in her classroom of five year olds. A little too pricey though since she purchases so many things with her own funds. But…if some of the manufacturers were smart they would offer their product for free to schools in the hope the children would ask Mom and Dad for them as gifts! Not unlike what the cable companies did years ago when they started by wiring up the firehouses in Bridgeport for free. Bingo. Instant audience and word of mouth sales.

  2. really love these "remotes" Lon! If there is a YouTube channel (or big media conglomerate) who does it better, I have not found them. Would love to see you ramp up this type of industry content that we can't get access to otherwise… like "Display week" in May in LA ?

  3. wow some cool stuff wish people showed more stuff like this,. also showed how nthe stuff works, what do to and use them not just a review.

  4. There are so many "learn to code" toys out there, in the ones you got to play with which would you recommend? My daughter has been using MIT's Scratch since she was 5 so I'm looking for something hands-on (i.e. physical and not just on a screen) to keep her interested in coding.

  5. that teddy bear i feel is a bit scary after all the bad onces been out now. where they have been hacked and used to talked to your kids. but that one maybe cant do that.

  6. Great idea. I just bid on an older Radio Shack "Learn Electronics" kit on eBay, planning to learn some electronics uses, but this is way more advanced. I would think there would be more on robotics toys – Robotics is big for classed in the school district here in Lake County, FL. However, they do very little related to learning coding.

  7. I really enjoyed the tour, thanks for taking the time to do it. I would have had a ball as a kid with quite a few of the things you covered. The augmented reality stuff in particular is just wild!

  8. Great video. The arm interface is awesome! Also all of the items are fantastic! I really appreciate how you listed all the items for sale on your site as ive forwarded that link to interested friends. I used to coach lego robotics kids teams for a few years and kids and adults love this type of tech you shown in your video so thank you for making this video! 😎

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