TC Sessions: Mobility DEMO with Jay Giraud (Damon X Labs)

(gentle music) – [Narrator] Imagine
motorcycling in the future. (gentle music) An experience that adapts to you. (gentle music) The changing traffic, and
to any road you’re on. (motorcycle engine roaring) Imagine having a sixth sense
of everything around you, and being connected to your surroundings in an entirely new way. (birds chirping) Imagine a whole new level of
aliveness, free from worry, free from discomfort, free to
enjoy each and every moment in its entirety. (gentle orchestra music) We did. (electric whooshing) (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] What’s up, man? – Hello, good to meet you again. – Yeah. – Thanks for having me here. – We were just talking back there again. It’s like a whole thing That you do. Okay, so let’s talk a
little bit, ’cause you guys have two products, and both
are on our stage right now. Let’s start with this one, and why don’t you tell me a little bit about what Damon has built on this existing Yamaha motorcycle? – Absolutely. So yeah, Damon is on a mission
to cause a paradigm shift for safer, smarter two-wheel commuting for more than half the world’s commuters. We have a billion-and-a-half
people spending their days on motorcycles every
day to get from A to B, and the industry is
not addressing the need for safety or functionality to
keep people safe on the road and make sure that this commuting form maintains its dominance in the world. So this bike has a 360-degree
collision warning system that’s sensor-fused with cameras, radars, and other non-visual sensors. And it tracks the velocity,
direction, and speed of dozens of objects around
it to alert the rider. – Right, and so that includes
the screen which is like a rear-view mirror? – Rear-view mirror that’s digitally fed by the rear camera, yeah. – And then we’ve got the vibration in the handlebars as well? – Yep, forward collision warning delivered with a haptic vibration, so regardless of where you’re looking, you
can feel a car braking hard in front of you, even if
you’re busy shoulder checking. – Do we have motorcycle
enthusiasts in the audience? Anyone? – I see a couple hands up there. – Wow. – So, is this for people like that? – Ultimately. – Can they outfit their
existing motorcycles? – The system is a comprehensive
collision warning system. It doesn’t adapt to the
thousands of makes and models of motorcycles for consumers. So we’re focused on
retrofitting police fleet and paramedic fleet and postal
service customers first. And that ultimately, for the consumers, that’s what this will be about. – Okay, so then let’s talk about this. – Yeah. – This is not a Yamaha motorcycle. – No. This is a Damon.
– This is a Damon motorcycle. – Yeah absolutely. Well it’s a proof of concept prototype. Actually these bikes
were graciously donated by Yamaha Motor Ventures. This bike has the same
collision warning system, and with enough data collected
from our fleet customers, this bike will be able
to predict accidents before they occur and
ultimately move towards critical avoidance automation in the event that the rider isn’t taking
the right corrective action. Okay, so you’re in a staging environment. So normally, you’re gonna
look left to see something in your blind spot and try
to keep your eyes forward so you don’t miss anything as you ride. Now if you stay looking forward and down where that arrow is, you’re
gonna see a collision warning forward and left and
right blind spot warnings. – Okay. Whoa. – There you go. So the forward collision
warning is a bright LED as well as a vibrating
handlebar, so regardless of where you look, you can be
warned of somebody braking hard in front of you. And we’re gonna demonstrate
just two of the different types of collision warning scenarios. First a blind spot detection and then the forward collision warning. – Let’s do it, I’m ready. – All right. So you find yourself on a road. This is our proprietary simulator. Now, as you pass through
this intersection, if you wanna go around this car, you’re gonna look to the left. You’ve got somebody in your blind spot, you can watch this car. Oh, there it is there. – Yeah. – It’s yellow. – And then this car’s
breaking hard in front of you you wanna slow down quickly, you get the vibration
through the handlebars. These things happen fast just
like they do in the real world and we deal with real world
scenarios and build these in using data coming from
the cameras that collect off the real world testing. We feed these real
world traffic conditions into the motor bike. Now as you exit the city, this motorcycle’s actually transforming into a more ideal sport
position to keep you out of the wind and help reduce fatigue. So the handlebars drop down,
the windscreen drop down the foot pegs come up, and the seat comes up a little bit effectively changing
your ergonomic position from a commute ride to a
highway touring or sport ride.

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