Talk Techy to Me: What’s the big deal with mini tech?

♪Upbeat electronic music♪ (typing) (mouse click) (neon buzz) Brooke:
Hi guys!
Welcome to Talk Techy to Me. My name is Brooke. Elizabeth:
And I’m Elizabeth. Brooke:
And Today,
we’re going to talk about Lockheed Martin innovations. Elizabeth:
We’re here with Ashton who works on miniature
technology at Lockheed Martin. Ashton, miniaturization in
electronics is
advancing rapidly. How did we go from a brick
sized cell phone to
something like this? Ashton:
Well, miniaturizing technology
has had to overcome lots of challenges in
manufacturing and design. So, some key concepts
are packaging; how do we get all of those
components into such
a small space? And thermal, they produce
a lot of heat and we have to get rid of it. Then there’s tooling: To make
tiny tech, you need tiny tools. The industry has made huge
advancements in miniaturizing
technology. Your cellphone is an excellent
example of this. And pulling together all kinds
of best practices help us meet mission
requirements here at
Lockheed Martin. Brooke:
So tell me more about that. How are we using best
practices from other industries
to design teeny tech? Ashton:
Well, the Miniature
Hit-to-Kill interceptor, which I have here, is only
about 2 and a 1/2 feet
in length, an inch and a 1/2 in diameter
and only weighs about 5
pounds at launch. Elizabeth:
So this is the actual size
of the interceptor? Ashton:
This is a full scale.
It’s as big as it’s gonna get. And the best part about
it is it’s a defensive missile. So its sole purpose is
to intercept incoming rockets, artillery and mortar that
threaten our men, women
and assets on the ground. Elizabeth:
So even though
the name sounds aggressive, it’s actually saving lives? Ashton:
Yes. Brooke:
So how can something only 3 feet long and
5 pounds be so powerful? Ashton:
Well, as I mentioned before, we pulled best practices
across a wide range of industry to develop such a
unique missile. Concepts from photonics,
medical imaging,
the mobile cellphone industry and even other
Lockheed Martin programs to develop this kind of tech. So that combined with
state-of-the-art packaging, design and new ideas makes
it possible for us to
create the MHTK. Elizabeth:
So does the MHTK missile size
improve what it can do? Ashton:
So the short answer
is absolutely. Because what’s unique about the
Miniature Hit-to-Kill is that it
doesn’t contain a warhead. So it uses hit-to-kill
technology, precision
amounts of kinetic energy and body-to-body contact
to knock out incoming
aerial threats. So think of it like hitting a
bullet with another bullet in
mid-air to eliminate the threat. Brooke:
So this is some clearly very
advanced technology. And I heard that last year the
MHTK actually won the
Best of What’s New in the security category
from Popular Science. Could you tell me about
some trends you kind of see
coming for teeny tech? Ashton:
Well something that really
stuck out to me was an article I read recently
about 3D printing electronic
circuit boards. So we’ve made a lot of
advancements in 3D
printing metals, plastics and other
types of materials. I can only think of how much
further we could take it with
3D printing electronics. Brooke:
That’s awesome. And thank you so much
for coming to the show to talk to us
about miniaturization. It was awesome
to have you. Ashton:
Thanks guys! Elizabeth:
And thank you for watching. And we want to talk techy
with you so make sure you
comment below and who knows, maybe we’ll
answer your question
on the next episode. Bye guys! Brooke:
See ya! Ashton:
Bye! ♪Upbeat electronic music♪

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11 thoughts on “Talk Techy to Me: What’s the big deal with mini tech?

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  8. Impressive Project. What would be the range?
    Saying it weights 2,3kg and I guess maybe 1kg to 1,5kg is a solid core booster with like military grade ISP of ~200s it would reach between Mach 3 to Mach 6. Of course air drag is a huge issue on such small vehicle, but like 5 miles effective defense radius would be realistic?

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