Tajic, Legion’s Edge Commander Deck Tech | MTG Guilds of Ravnica

Hey guys, Brett from Kitchentable Commander
here. Back with another Deck Tech. This time I’m trying something different and
building a deck around a Legendary Creature from the upcoming set, Guilds of Ravnica. This time it’s Tajic, Legion’s Edge. 1 of anything, 1 red and 1 white for a 3/2
with haste. He also has Mentor, the new Boros mechanic,
which when Tajic attacks, gives a +1/+1 counter to another attacking creature with less power. Tajic’s third ability is Prevent all noncombat
damage that would be dealt to other creatures you control, and lastly he can give himself
first strike until end of turn for 1 red and 1 white mana. Anyway, this deck is all about making sure
you can take advantage of the Mentor mechanic and keeping your creatures safe from noncombat
damage. Let’s get right into it. To be able to properly take advantage of Mentor
we need 2 things. Small creatures and a way to keep making Tajic
more and more powerful. I’ll start by covering the small creatures
part. We have multiple ways of making small token
creatures that we can buff with Mentor. Obviously being in white we have to include
Anointed Procession to double all of the tokens being generated. And obviously being in white we have Secure
the Wastes. Its good early game to get a board presence
and its great late game as a mana sink. Martial Coup gives us Soldier tokens but can
also act as a board wipe if we start running into problems. Mobilization gives all our Soldiers Vigilance
and for 2 and a white we can make a 1/1 white Soldier creature token. Synergy! Hanweir Garrison is a 2/3 that when it attacks
makes two 1/1 red Human creature tokens tapped and attacking. If I’ve got Hanweir Battlements and a few
extra mana you’ve got Hanweir the Writhing Township, a 7/4 with Trample and Haste that
when it attacks makes two 3/2 Eldrazi Horror creature tokens tapped and attacking. Elspeth, Sun’s Champion makes three 1/1 white
Soldier creature tokens with her +1. Destroys all creatures with power 4 or greater
with her -3 and gives you an emblem with “Creatures you control get +2/+2 and flying” with her
-7. Assemble the Legion make an ever increasing
number of 1/1 red and white Soldier creature tokens with haste. When you have a huge board, drop Deploy to
the Front to make as many 1/1 Soldier tokens as there are creatures on the battlefield. Great if your opponent is also a token deck. Along those same lines Launch the Fleet gives
any creature the ability to create a 1/1 white Soldier token tapped and attacking
when it attacks and if you have lots of mana you can do it to all your creatures for 1
mana of any colour for each creature after the first. Hero of Bladehold makes two 1/1 white Soldier
creature tokens tapped and attacking when she attacks, plus she pumps the team when
attacking. Heroic Reinforcements makes two 1/1 white
Soldier creature tokens and gives all your creatures +1/+1 and haste until end of turn. Captain of the Watch gives all your Soldiers
+1/+1 and Vigilance and when she enters the battlefield she brings three 1/1 white Soldier
creature tokens with her. Have I said Tokens enough? Have I said Tokens too much? Are you even listening at this point? Ok well if you are still with me, I’m moving
on. Obviously we want to make sure we can keep
triggering Tajic’s Mentor ability and that means we need to make sure he has greater
power than other creatures we control. To do that we have Armory of Iroas. Equip the armory to Tajic and every time he
attacks he gets another +1/+1 counter. In case our opponents don’t like the Armory
we have Stoneforge Masterwork to add +1/+1 counters for each creature that shares a creature
type with Tajic. Considering most of our Tokens are Soldiers
or Humans that should be a lot. Dowsing Dagger gives Tajic a boost to power
and if you connect with a player it helps your mana base. Scourge of the Nobilis is a no-brainer. Attach it to Tajic and he gets both the bonuses
since he is both a red and white creature. He gets +2/+2 and lifelink, with the added
ability of paying red or white hybrid mana to give himself another +1/+0 until end of
turn. While we are on the subject of buffing creatures
we have to talk about cards that buff the whole team. Cards like Balefire Liege. Giving all your other red creatures +1/+1
and all your other white creatures +1/+1 . When you cast a red spell it deals 3 damage to
target player and when you cast a white spell it gains you 3 life. Along the same line we have Legion’s Initiative. Red creatures you control get +1/+0 and White
creatures you control get +0/+1 and for 1 red, 1 white and exile it, you exile all creatures
you control, then they come back at the beginning of the next combat under their owners control
and gain haste until end of turn. Gleam of Battle gives each attacking creature
you control a +1/+1 counter each time it attacks. Yup that’s it. Seems deece. Gory of Warfare to give your creatures +2/+0
on your turn or +0/+2 when it’s not. Vanquisher’s Banner naming Soldier to give
all your Soldiers a boost and to draw cards every time you cast one. Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer so that you can
take advantage of your artifacts. Giving all your creatures +3/+0 as long as
you control 3 or more. Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice as another source
for Mentor, but also to be able to give Tajic another boost to power and give him Trample
and Vigilance. Last is Purphoros, God of the Forge. Given how many tokens we are going to be making
it makes perfect sense to include good old Purph 2 damage every time a creature enters the
battlefield can just flat out win you the game Plus his last ability gives us the ability
to buff the power of all our creatures for 2 and a red. If you want to make this deck a bit more budget
you can leave Purphoros out since he’s the most expensive card in the deck, just know
that the power level will suffer a bit. Given that Tajic is going to be getting bigger
and so is our team we want to be able to protect him as much as possible. So to do that we are running Darksteel Plate
to make him indestructible. I know… playing against indestructible isn’t
fun. But it’s fun from this side. We are also including Swiftfoot Boots to give
him Hexproof and another instance of Haste. So basically just to give him Hexproof. Of course we have Lightning Greaves. I figured you probably were already thinking
it, but I wanted to slow roll it. The Greaves give us the ability to protect
Tajic, but also be able to instant speed protect any other creature our opponents might be
targeting with removal. Speaking of Removal we have a pretty complicated
package with this deck. Given that Tajic prevents non-combat damage
we need a few spells that help with the combat damage side of things. So we’ve got Master Warcraft to basically
take your opponents combat phase for them. Being able to decide attackers and blockers
and how they block is insanely powerful. Attack with their most annoying creatures,
probably ones they’ve been holding back to keep safe, then block and kill them. It’s not the most elegant spell, but it sure
is hilarious to see your opponents face as you decide their fate. Ride Down helps if your opponent chumped your
attack. Destroy the creature they blocked with and
give your creature Trample to make sure most of the damage gets through. Arrows of Justice and Fire at Will deal damage
to attacking or blocking creatures. The Arrows does 4 damage to a single creature,
which could help get rid of a big threat. Where Fire at Will can spread the damage around. Possibly getting rid of a few token creatures
your opponent keeps just to block with. I’m looking at you Marath! We are also running the Obvious Boros Charm
and the new Deafening Clarion. The Charm gives us great options at instant
speed. Deal 4 damage to a player, make all your permanents
indestructible and Target creature gains Double Strike until end of turn. All very useful abilities. Deafening Clarion deals 3 damage to each creature
or gives all your creatures Lifelink until end of turn. With the option of doing both. Aurelia’s Fury deals X damage divided as you
choose among any number of creatures or players, plus it taps any creature dealt damage and
prevents any player damaged from casting non-creature spells. Pay 1 for each of your opponents tokens and
you’ve cleared the board. Pay 1 for each opponent and you’ve given yourself
a turn without having to worry about counter spells or board wipes. Deflecting Palm and Captain’s Maneuver both
deflect damage, combat or otherwise. Deflecting Palm redirects all damage to the
controller of the source of your choice, where Captain’s Maneuver gives you a bit more flexibility
in that you can decide how much of the damage gets redirected and to where. Do you want to kill something of theirs that’s
been just out of reach. Or maybe you just want to send a message and
slap a player in the face. It doesn’t even have to be the player dealing
damage, which is just funny. Intimidation Bolt is here to prevent your
opponent from attacking at all. Deal 3 damage to something you don’t like
and it prevents all their other creatures from attacking this turn. Desperate Stand gives a single creature +2/+0
, First Strike and Vigilance or late game it can give it to all your creatures provided
you have enough boros mana. And last we have Shattering Blow and Wear//Tear
to destroy pesky artifacts or enchantments. You know which ones I’m talking about. Let’s move on to Creatures not already mentioned. Most of them are smaller creatures that we
can buff with the Mentor mechanic, but others just have so much value I had to include them. Creatures like Aurelia, the Warleader. What’s better than 1 Mentor trigger a turn? 2 Mentor triggers a turn. Let’s be honest. You knew this was going to be an aggressive
deck. We’re Boros after all. Boros Reckoner to redirect damage to whatever
we want. Bruse Tarl to give a creature Double Strike
and Lifelink until end of turn every turn. I knew I’d find a use for Bruse. Firemane Avenger, Frontline Medic, Tajic,
Blade of the Legion and Wojek Halberdiers for the Battalion Triggers. The Avenger to deal 3 damage to target creature
or player and gain you 3 life. The Medic to give your creatures indestructible
and possibly counter a spell. Tajic pumps himself. And The Halberdiers gains First Strike. Foundry Champion to do massive damage late
game when you have a huge board, plus it can pump itself when necessary. Gisela, Blade of Goldnight doubles damage
to an opponent or their permanents and halves the damage done to you or your permanents. Iroas, God of Victory gives your creatures
Menace and prevents all damage done to creatures you attack with. Leonin Abunas gives your artifacts hexproof. Odric, Master Tactician gives you the option
of which creatures block your attack and how those blocks happen. Basically another copy of Master Warcraft. Stun Sniper to either tap down a threat or
kill off small tokens. And then we have Boros Recruit, Boros Swiftblade,
Cerodon Yearling, Iroas’s Champion, Skyknight Legionnaire, Sky Terror and Swiftblade Vindicator
because vanilla is boring. All these creatures have keywords that make
them better the larger you pump them with Tajic’s ability, but aren’t dependant on getting
the counters. They’re just good on their own. Our land base is pretty simple since we are
only 2 colours. We have the obvious includes like Boros Guildgate,
Boros Garrison, Clifftop Retreat and Inspiring Vantage as our dual lands. Command Tower, Opal Palace and Unclaimed Territory
for colour fixing. Opal Palace also gives Tajic counters the
more times we’ve cast him. We are also running Blighted Steppe to gain
a ton of life off our token generation. Emeria, the Sky Ruin to bring creatures back
from the graveyard. Homeward Path in case our opponents play cards
like Blatant Thievery or Act of Treason. Slayer’s Stronghold and Sunhome, Fortress
of the Legion to give any creature Vigilance and Haste or Double Strike respectively. Karoo, because well why not. Vivid Crag and Vivid Meadow to give you either
colour you might be missing. Evolving Wilds in case you just haven’t gotten
a basic you need. And of course we have a Sol Ring, because
what commander deck isn’t complete without one Top all that off with 12 Plains and 9 Mountains
and there you have it. OneTajic, Legion’s Edge commander deck. Well that about does it for today. I’d love to hear what you guys think about
this deck in the comments. If you’ve enjoyed this video please remember
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next video.

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