T.02 Ep.18 – Encontramos um navio de resgate de refugiados | Uma entrevista com o capitão

Hello guys, we are in Burriana
and for who not follow our life on board sailing around the world subscribe the channel, leave a like and send it to a friend all videos what we have done about our life on board, today we bring one that is very controversial in Europe and it create many contradictory opinions. We were walking around a port that is close to our marina and we found a boat that said SEA-EYE And we went to find out what it meant. And we saw that it is a boat from a Germany NGO who rescue refugees They rescue refugee from Libya And we will show a little bit about how was the interview that we did with the Capitan who is 27 He said how he starts his sea life, how this project works. There are pictures from rescue missions. It is very cool So to not forget, subscribe our youtube channel, leave a like to help to spread the video Keep on because the theme is very nice. Thanks!!! yeah I’m Josh from Bremen Germany
at the moment I’m the leader of this vessel the captain here now for three weeks in the port of
Burriana and we will sail out next week to Castellon to start the next mission to go to Libyan search rescue area. Sea-Eye is a German non-governmental
organization completely founded by donations so they don’t have a normal
income because they’re separated from the government from Germany so all
people work in Sea-Eye like a volunteers more or less of course we have the the chefs of
Sea-Eye but there are also volunteers like they have a normal working life normal
job and they organize this organization apart from their normal job
yeah they try to do the best or they do the best actually besides the normal
working life to rescue Zeus we need our help in front
of you insertion mystery area we have to shift our encoding go inform us oblivion
search and rescue area and this area is the responsibility of the state of Libya
for example and we go there because the state of Rivia is not doing their job
normally it should be their job to rescue the people and bring to a safe
harbor when the people start from Libya and they get catched by the Libyan Coast
Guard they brought back to Libya where they try to escape from we try to avoid
that we are not going to pull two people or many many people say about us that we
are trafficker that means that we have like agreements with with the gangs with
illegal games this and that we made agreements like
okay we will send our five boats ten boats or something and if you recorded
mates and you rescued them or you take them and bring to Europe course at
Bedford but this is absolutely no fun we just go there and do the job that the
vidiians cannot do and rescue people right danger danger of their lives and
try to give some better opportunity and you live somewhere else from the prison the normal procedures like members from
the last mission the volunteers and crew use the time that they need to go back
from Libya to Spain for example where we are right now to prepare the next
mission that means my inventory of the food of the water of the suppliers
everything that we need when we arrived here the crew and
volunteers shall go from sample and the new volunteers arrived and I have
already everything prepared like okay we need this this this and this there they
have like three days or four days for preparing for their mission and also
they use this time for training because most of the volunteers are the first
time on the ship they know the idea what C is going to be but they don’t have
practical experience so we use the three or four days in the port to train with
them to make them capable of doing their job when we harder than C and then we
have like five days transit until we reach we mail again and this five days
is also food with intense training so this could save another student people
look the rig leader is permanent contact with
bridge and was ahead of mission that’s like the director of the mission is
controlling the procedures on board the officer of water on the captain’s
table for steering the ship and for leading the mission we have the head of
mission and the rib driver is driving the rim
c’mon officer it Ruidoso and the bridge is giving a command to the repeater
approach then the leaders saying okay we go from this angle of approach like this
and the first step is the first strip to circle the robber boat to see how is the
situation of the how many people are approximately on
board are they calm or they getting nervous I stand up or walk around how is
the situation of the boat is it still intact or as a deflating as their risk
of sinking of the boat when the people move too much
are there any sick or injured people on board this is like the first
a few the first rep is doing and in the meantime the second group is launched in
the water with the same people on board my communicator retiree with leader and
also with additional big packs full of life jackets because then we already
have the number of liquids like for example there are 60 people on board
we know we have to put 65 jackets in order to distribute lifejackets and in
the mean time when the first rip is doing a circle around the rubber boat
and speaking to the people explaining that we are from Europe that we’re here
to help the second group is also approaching and
then starts to distribute the life jackets normally you always have someone
on board from from rubber boats or wooden boats and speaking English
if not we mostly also have volunteer as communicator in the rip who’s capable of
speaking French Aaronic yeah and then we distribute lifejackets and when
everybody got a life jacket then we start to transfer that means one we’re
staying with a rubber boat the other one is taking people on board and bringing
back to an accordion in the meantime more people go on the second leg that
says this rubber boat and when the first group respec
under our boat the second group goes to our accordion
there were people and we normally take 10 people maximum
boards of the ribs and woman children injured people or pregnant people at
first and then so we have to separate okay they’re feeling strong or their
suburbs have evolved that sneaks like there’s someone unconscious then we need
to have a medical first examination of the people who are already on the road
and as soon as they’re on board to get also treatments by a doctor so we have
volunteer positions on professional doctor and two nurses nice like I said the first thing would be not
where to put two people the first thing will be how are the people where they
came from and treat the people so the first few hours that are orestes really
like distribute water distribute rescue blankets when someone comes like falling
water or something the medical treatment the medical examination of the people
this is the process that goes on deck but on the bridge we have another
process ongoing with the head of mission because then he’s in charge
he is contacting the authorities like for example I told you about the search
rescue areas like when we rescued people and the Libyans certain recipe areas we
need to contact the Libyan authorities and say okay we rescued like 60 people
so many men so many women so many injured so many children by
just give the first explanation that we also received from the tech team yeah asked for part of safety so we
asked them because it’s their responsibility to take care of the
people where can we bring the people and
normally from Nubia there’s never an answer
they just passing they just wait and then we also have to wait like a half
day one day and always writing emails always try to contact my VHF
come on guys do something advice a support of safety when they answer they
sure will say now you can bring them back to me and here a triple your
support this safe report it’s no problem but it’s not because the people try to
escape them there yeah sure yes sure sure and then this just goes on
right after one day when we didn’t get any positive answers and we decided okay
we start and four seed marks dust away from Libya away from Tunis and normally
the next step is lava Kusa on my chart because these are the two closest ports
where we can be really safe from us okay this is support of safety where we can
bring the people it’s completely different sometimes it’s
like they’re happy and most of the time they’re happy and grateful but I also
had the situation where and when I rescued someone one of the others that I
rescued directly came to me and said I’m so same for you so you rescued me but
you have to know that I have my paranoia and the others don’t like me and she was
already in a big mental process that she terrorists and we are not I mean we are
trade for freedom also a selectable way but he already had
like such a big damage in his brain you needed him to bring as soon as
possible to a doctor to help him unfortunate because he was like in camp
Anu be awakened tortured where his friends get killed and he was like four
five or six years in this permanent pain and permanent fear of his own vessel
death of his people that his mind was totally cracked and she was a bogeyman in my experience of we experience as CIA
that as soon as to talk to the people and explain them this situation what is
going on that we are going there and there and
that we have to wait for our soldiers the cubicle changes and they understand
and they say okay we wait we can manage the ring we always have
someone out there that they can speak to them the plays games with have some
activity because of when you’re three or four days on board is more Western it
gets bored of course yes but we have some activities that we can do with them
to to distract them from their borders they’re just normal humans like you and
me they can be anything can be a doctor can be lawyer can be also unemployed or
it doesn’t matter because they’re escaping from their countries the cost
of war or poverty or different reasons yeah like I experienced more on door or
to talk to something working in the bank or like a gardener or as a teacher and
like it’s not only the you should always just see these poor people and that’s
not right and Germany is always the people saying we cannot do same here
because they’re useless but that and technical there they have studied they they also want to work but many people
of them probably when I rescued them like they already told me I don’t mean
like I only toward the district I just want to work
start a new life sure I do anything pores and it’s like yeah it’s mammoths
women children but it’s – like help someone mission for I rescue for 40
people and from them it was 20 H underneath so 28 below the age of 18
Wow so everybody tries to escape yeah they come from all over Africa like
I will coach Nigeria Kenya for example for me I am doing this as my
full-time job and if I would be in contact with all people I rescued I will
put myself in a great danger meant to say because I have to take care
myself and take care about the people that are rescued next I cannot look back
and cannot I communicate with all of the people I rescued can try to send many
how are you and but it’s a big burden that I will put myself on just like you
know it’s not psychological good for me to remove the burden to myself and for
sure there are some like CI the organization itself when they are
special locations when there is a family for example that get separated or
something see I try to know if they get reunited in CI itself stays in contact
with most of the people we have supports II can see I added to queue and the
volunteers showed mobs communicate people after the recipe realizing of
interesting it’s quite good because yet like I said it’s a big bird
yeah it’s supposed to same the hardest and
the grateful solution was my first mission here on CIA it was like really intense all the time
yes first before we rescued two people I had Night Watch as an officer together
was one of the volunteers and we was in front of the Librium course we had the
doors open because we was drifting in the night because you cannot see
anything during the day so we had the doors opened and everything was quite
quite nice night and suddenly we heard someone screaming on the water we
replied them they replied to us again so we informed the bullshit like come on
there is somebody somewhere out there in the time that everybody got on station
and we were still communicating with them like hello where are you
can you can you answer us their answer then we tried to get in their direction
of the resultant but suddenly Wow we don’t know how many people are
was out there if it’s only one more than this is like a mansion I know for myself
that I did everything correct and I did everything right but this is the moment
that I will never forget in my life I couldn’t follow people yeah it was like
different her first approach and in my mission like only two days in front of
people or three days and then this situation happened like two or three
days later we had to rescue the 65 64 people it was like good conditions to rescue
them that was not the problem but then the political game started like like I
told you you put at first from the first and informed Libya okay we have 64
people on board please give us support of safety they didn’t answer so we
proceeded to not the visa producers in Italy Italian government
refused also asked to go inside to deliver the people at this time Sardinia
the great power in Italy and he was making big pressure against us so at
some time they decided okay we cannot stay in front of or looser so we need to
go to Malta and try our luck there so we stayed around three days in front of
Italy and then we go to monitor and there get the same problem that they
said no you cannot come we don’t allow you to go inside the port and in total
we have to stand off I think 11 days for 11 days we have this rescued people on
board so this was a very intense and hot first mission I will also never forget
the feeling when these 64 people finally had to chance to go to monitor so that’s
why I say was migrated for this mission and
your interests shitman you can help in many ways it can
be a small donation because every mission is quite expensive one mission
cost sixty thousand euros wow it’s quite a big number for one person it’s a big
number but for many person is you know but everybody is donating ten years you
can already own even with your 1 euro you can already change her something but
it’s not only the money it’s also like we always need volunteers or even
professionals seen them like when you’re a professional seaman you can also apply
for a job here then you even get payment or as a volunteer when you seen okay I’m
a good cook you can come here as a couple when you
say okay I know how to use the camera then you can come here as a photo proper
or you don’t need special skills to participate you’re just is really good
you need to have the world to help and you of course you need to be more or
less a little bit fit because we go out on the sea we work on the ship it’s you
need to be mentally stable and also stable from the body these are two
requirements that we also look for that we don’t get the trouble to us onboard
mr. volunteers and maybe someone gets crazy suit in the situation that we have out
there yeah you can you cannot promise like a
we are going to rescue people or a everything will be fine good we can only
give them prospects right okay when you can’t hear me you will implement you in
a professional crew you will learn about a seafarers life you will many new
abilities you will learn when you don’t know already how to work in a team how
to operate as a team and yeah well as everything goes good you can rescue
people but it’s not like a promise it’s more like yeah the job description like
this amaze you on board yeah sure with Alan Cory we approximately rescued
270 people in the reading one year one year okay that’s like but we was not
operating 12 months we had summertime CPR time for one and a half
month so we needed to repair and maintain the ship now again we are for
three weeks here and oreonna because we didn’t have enough money to
go out for mission that we didn’t have enough donations so yeah we wanted to go
out but we couldn’t because we just didn’t get the money to go on
now it’s I had sweet emissions was for rescues and I rescued 217 people so
always like every mission to rescue more than 60 people people depending on the
really on the situation the airship isn’t so big it’s only 38
meters and we can take on boards like a cross between 120 people at once it’s a sailor I was sailing on
traditional ships since I was 18 before when I was a small boy my father always
took me was his sailing ship and actually I come from the middle of
Germany where it’s not a person at all but we were sailing on rivers and lakes
then when I become a mammal like when I came in the right age I was trading the
training as ordinary seamen on a traditional sailing boat on a big boat
with three masts and fifty meters lengths so actually bigger than the
other corner yeah yeah and then I decided I decided to become a
professional singer I started the nautical study for six
years I studied and worked first as a cadet on the ships on normal merchant
vessels and then later is an officer’s on big commercial heavy lift whistles
yeah yeah actually it’s always right please
look in your heart and just ask yourself if you we’re in this situation if you
will will be there out at the sea what you’ll be if would have you been rescued
or not do you want to be in this situation and just remember someone is
out there doing the job to ask you these people so it can also be that someone is
going to ask for you so if you think bad about refugees or organizations that are
doing this just try to keep yourself or to sink yourself into this position that
these people are yeah it’s really hard because anybody can be
in this situation today 60 years ago European is European people poor in this
situation trying to escape from here and then many people rescue them it’s a good
pressure thank you so much thank you

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