Switching Bathroom Signs Prank Part 4!

What’s up guys, my name is Li Li Li AKA Riceman Today we’re back again with another switching sign in the bathroom prank. we did three of them. And guess what? You guys liked it and you guys wanted even more. So today we’re bringing it back. And guess what? Today we are at a brand new location. We’re gonna get some fresh new reactions for you guys. Let’s do it. Go eat some rice Hey are you supposed….. What the hell you doing here? This is men’s bathroom [Inaudible] Look it’s men’s bathroom. I told you M-E-N, can you spell that? What does that mean? cool What does that mean? Men, okay Why didn’t you let me in there? I I don’t know And what do you mean Thank you guys for watching if you guys want to see more bathroom pranks Please comment ‘more bathroom prank’ in the comment If this better get 20,000 likes, I’m gonna do a part 5 and please make sure to check out my newest song ‘PROFESSIONAL CHAIR PULLER’ That’s right. I just released a new song. Alright, it’s available Spotify, Apple music Itune, Google Play, YouTube music whatever. So make sure check out the link in the description until next time. This is Li Li Li Remember if it’s not rice. It ain’t right

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100 thoughts on “Switching Bathroom Signs Prank Part 4!

  1. Make sure to check out my newest song 'PROFESSIONAL CHAIR PULLER' , link in the description. should I make a music video for it?

  2. Imagine What will happen if They swapped the Women's bathroom with Men's Signage and with A Femenist inside and An innocent guy Who wants to take a piss.

  3. Lets see what you can be charged for…

    Criminal Conduct (putting camera in bathroom)
    Public Indecency (entering womans bathroom as a man)

  4. first sign that signals you went into a girls' bathroom by mistake when you go in one and it's so damn clean the first time you see it in your life.

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