Swipe Right To Decide What To Watch Next

MightyTV is a new smartphone app that could
take the headache out of figuring out what to watch next. The interface should be familiar to anyone
who’s used Tinder, except instead of potential dates, you’re swiping through different
movies and TV shows. You can say that you like it, love it or dislike it. If you haven’t
seen the movie yet, you can add it to your watch list, skip or hey, you can still dislike
— sometimes you don’t need to see a movie to know that it sucks. Over time, the recommendations should become
more tailored to your own personalized taste, and you’ll also see recommendations from
friends. Taste is a little different than the kinds of recommendations you get from
Netflix, which are mostly about genre — which are sometimes spot on, but just as often make
me think, I would *never* watch that. Of course, when it comes to streaming movies
and TV, you don’t actually have an infinite selection — you’re limited to the catalog
of whatever services you subscribe too, and what’s available to rent and buy digitally.
With MightyTV, you can actually filter the selections based on those services, and then
even hit a button and start watching. MightyTV is available right now on iOS.

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