Swing Weekly Digest #30 – #TechNews

Hi! We’re at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 21rd
Street in New York City. My name is Martin Mincer and I’m gonna give
you, what’s new in tech in 60 seconds for the last time. So first: Samsung has been teasing their foldable
screens in smartphones for quite some time. Finally, they’ve shown it. It has a big screen that you can fold, so
the thing is that it’s a tablet and a phone at the same time. The showcase that these guys designed looks
like something really, really awesome. Let’s see what’s gonna come out of it. Second: There is a startup called Lilium and
they’re trying to build flying taxis. I’ve known about their flying taxis, but their
recent hires are really impressive. First, they’ve got a Head of Automated driving
from Audi to lead their autonomous flying efforts, and two guys from Airbus: former
VP of Finance and the Head of Equipment. They’re gonna lead the legal and manufacturing
side of their business. And third: There is this Chinese company called
ByteDance. They have the app called TikTok that’s all
about making short videos. They bought and merged with Musical.ly…
and guess what? Now, they are toping up on App Store. Downloads are ahead of YouTube, Instagram,
Snapchat and all these other famous apps. More downloads for Musical.ly and TicTok these
days. Thank you very much. That’s it.

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