Swing Weekly Digest #29 – #TechNews

Hi, my name is Martin Mincer, and I’m gonna give you what’s new in tech in 60 seconds. Let’s go! First: Two articles being a result of Saudi atrocities. New York Times captions their opinion piece by Kara Swisher like this: last weeks alone show how tech is stumbling to react to big world issues armed with only bubble world skills. Fred Wilson describes interesting emails he’s getting recently and concludes saying that “Not all money is the same. The people that come with it and who are behind it matter. Second: Did you know that Bloomberg is not only media company, but maker of famous Bloomberg Terminal which is kind of like Slack for bankers, but created before computers? It has way more functions, but consortium of banks invested in startup called Symphony that is aiming to become an open version of Bloomberg Terminal chat, allowing for not only humans, but also banking bots to participate. Very cool story by Quartz. Third: We are holding an amazing meetup for front-end developers, this Thursday at SwingDev Warsaw Office on Nowy Swiat. Come and learn from Mirek, our Senior Developer and Tomek our CTO. We will show you, among others, how to make face detection using browser only. Highly recommended. Thank you very much for today, and stay tuned for more!

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