Swing Weekly Digest #24 – Tech News

Hi! Im gonna give you ‘What’s New in Tech
in 60 seconds”. Let’s go. First: Mary Meeker is leaving Kleiner Perkins
with three of her partners to form a new fund. It’s a result of a recent shake-up in the
company and huge blow for Kleiner for sure. Meekr is a former Wall Street analyst whose
name became a brand of the most revered Interned Trends yearly reports delivered as a presentation
during annual Code conference. Last years 355-slide deck has over 3 millions views.
The reason for departure is probably a prolonged friction between two factions in the fund:
early stage and more late stage focused. Second: Microsoft sets up AI research hub
in Shanghai, joining a major trend of securing a Chinese foothold. Probably hoping it will
help them keep taking advantage of premium resources such as data and policies while
trade tension accelerates. Third: Software for farming (Agritech) is
a growing industry attracting more and more VC attention. Markets and potential for disruption
is huge, but there are lot of specifics that makes this vertical especially hard: for example
slow adoption rate connected with the fact that farmers need to wait a full year to see
a change in their crop yield and asses if technology is really helping them.
Thank you very much for today and stay tuned for more.

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