Swing Weekly Digest #23 – Tech News

Hi! We’re in sunny Warsaw and I’m gonna give
you ‘whats new in Tech’ in 60 seconds. Let’s go!
First: TechCrunch ask is China’s digital silk road going to pave over Silicon Valley?
To succeed, Chinese entrepreneurs are seeking to list in International markets rather than
the local stock market. In the second quarter of this year Chinese startups attracted 47%
of all global venture capital. To win highly competitive deals, they’re forming talent
networks, and have willingness and eagerness to learn and succeed on the global stage. Second: Same week TechCrunch published a moving
piece on how investors are becoming concerned and involved in making sure startup founders
take care of their mental health. Depression is a widespread and common problem among entrepreneurs
and it’s very important to remember, that asking for help makes your vulnerable, but
doesn’t make you weak. Mental well-being of tech industry workers is an important cause
that we care deeply about at Swing and you will hear about this more from us. Third: Always be vigilant, never trust an
app, even if it’s verified on Mac App Store. Trend Micro had a unarchive app there, that
uploaded all you browser history to their servers.
This is all for today. Stay tuned for more.

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