Swing Weekly Digest #22 – Tech News

Hi! We’re back in Warsaw and I’m gonna give
you what’s new in tech in 60 seconds. Let’s go.
First: Over last 12 months Evernote lost it’s CTO, CFO, CPO and head of HR. According to
leaks from a source inside the company, they are raising a down round and it looks like
they are struggling to stay relevant. Everything went down after the long-term CEO and visionary
Phil Libin stepped away. It’s sad to see how the best note taking app that turned into
bloated app for everything is flatlining. Second: Andreesen Horowitz is changing the
way how it raises found from their limited partners. Instead of one massive fund they
are raising multiple pools focused on different sectors and industries or founder demographics.
They have the 300 million dollar crypto-focused fund and raising a fund focused on multicultural
founders and two biotech funds. Third: Happy Birthday to Chrome, your favorite
web browser, or at least 6 out of 10 people favorite web browser. It’s turning 10 today
and we should all respect Chrome team for what they did for progress of all web technologies.
There are no big updated coming to Chrome, aside from UI refresh to make it more aligned
with Material Design. Thank you very much for today and stay tuned
for more.

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