Swing Weekly Digest #21 – Tech News

Hi! Today we’re travelling from Swiss Alps,
but I’m still gonna give you What’s New in Tech in 60 seconds.
Let’s go! First: Dozens of Tesla employees have jumped
ship to Apple, according to rumors mostly because Apple pays 1.5 times more and they
find it easier to believe in Apple’s products and leadership. Among those hires the most
notable is Doug Field, Tesla’s former Senior Vice President of Engineering.
Second: Current batch of Y-combinator startups look really interesting. They have this whole
biotech category and they have really amazing companies doing cool stuff like: menstrual
pads with blood collection strips that later gets analyzed for early diagnosis, bras with
thermal sensors for cancer screening, radar sensors for nursing homes and last but not
least gene-engineering virus-resistant organisms and zero-calorie sugar replacement that can
make sweets. Wow! Third: It’s not really a piece of news, but
rather an Instagram account runned by a London based venture capitals. She’s investing in
startups, but also she’s doing her own product reviews, which are really cool and refreshing.
Much better than all of those super intellectual medium posts.
Thank you very much for today! Stay tuned for more!

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