Swiftly Aims To Be Waze For SF Transit

Swiftly is a free public transportation app
launching in San Francisco today. It compares itself to Waze, but for busses and claims
it can get you through the often hectic city commute better than any other app. We gave
it a whirl so you can see how it operates. To get started, you’ll want to add in the
places you travel most often: home, work, or your favorite bar. When you open the app, Swiftly gives you a
list of nearby transit stops AND a countdown timer to show you how soon the next bus or
MUNI rail is coming. The numbers are in real-time based on public and crowd sourced data. What’s
different about it is that it actually counts down to the second, which few others services
offer. So here at the top, you can select from your
saved destinations. Clicking on ‘home’ for example, gives you your list of transit
options and how long each route will take. Mixed in with your results is information
on how long it would take to walk or bike to your destination and the amount of calories
you’d burn. And if you decide Muni would take longer than you want to wait, Swiftly
also integrates with UberX to let you know timing and cost of getting a car instead. The app’s exact timing gets more precise
the closer to the time you need a ride. So if you are looking to go across town in the
next 5 minutes it’ll be pretty close but if you want to look up a route 30 minutes
out it might not be as accurate. Getting around on the public system in SF
is often aggravating. Light rail, busses, trains and traffic don’t work together here
and is likely one of the reasons we have Uber. That said, Swiftly is not the first to try
to break into the transit tracking space. There’s Moovit, Nextbus, Routesy and many
others. None of which had breakout success. I’ve only been using Swiftly for a day or
so but find it helpful so far. It will be interesting to see if Swiftly becomes the
go-to app for public transit in San Francisco.

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4 thoughts on “Swiftly Aims To Be Waze For SF Transit

  1. You didn't even spell the apps name right on the title of the video !! Haha swiftly or swifly ? That about sums up the entirety of this channel lol

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