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19 thoughts on “Sweetwater’s Black Friday Deals And Steals

  1. If you are a musician or just know one, these saving are pretty huge on many sought after products. Maybe there is something for you?

  2. Hell yes more audio reviews. I'm for it. I think I'd wanna see affordable odds and ends of audio stuff. Stuff that is affordable (100-300$ items) and makes you go huh are my ticket. Lesser priced stuff would be cool too. Aliexpress has oscilloscopes for cheap and a some weird stuff too I've been wondering about. and anyway its all just suggestion and banter. Really commenting again for algorithm and hope you are doing well!~ If you are more interested in DIY audio stuff Look Mum No Computer has a nack for it. Seen some cool videos of DIY instruments too.

  3. Ordering guitar #25 tomorrow wherever the deal is on a Les Paul that's on my bucket list. I'm retired now and have a LOT more time to play! And yep, I know G.A.S. all too well!

  4. I bought from Sweetwater before and still using the bass amplifier I bought over 10 years ago I would buy from them again. Maybe get another bass guitar 🙂

  5. Logan Miller is my guy, and yeah he's saved me a lot of money since we hooked up. Asks what I'm trying to accomplish, what my budget is and recommends stuff that meets my needs. Tells it like it is, love that.

  6. I knwo this isn't relevant to the video, but I still have to ask. Is watercooling a RTX 2060 Super possible? And will it void my warranty?

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