Surprise to Youcanevent customer Hailey Friedman

Good morning guys, Here Antonio Trincao, one of the Co-Founders
& CEO of Today we will do a surprise to Hailey,
Hailey is one of our customers, she is from BAMF -San Francisco and she is not expecting,
we will offer some swag from Youcanevent and sing the music to Hailey. Right now I’m just calling to Dave, to confirm
the surprise. Dave: “Hello”
Hello Dave, This is Antonio from Youcanevent Dave: “Hey how are you? So everything is set-up? Dave: “Ah :)..Yeah, she’s sitting next to
me here in the room.” Ok, can you wait for us in the door please? Dave:”Alright, see you in a bit.” Thank you, thank you… Bye bye! This is it guys, we are doing it! Elevator voice: “Going up” So Hailey Just booked furniture and audiovisuals,
in her last event for BAMF, so she’s not expecting at all what we’re doing so… Let’s do it! Hopefully, everything goes well! Floor: “28” “Hey guys”
Can you call Dave? “Who?” “Who are you looking for?” “Claffey!” “There he is!” Surprise!! Hailey: “What the heck are you doing here?” We’re just making a surprise to one of our
best customers. Hailey: “What?” Hailey:”Did you set this up with Dave?” Hailey: “You guys are actually absurd! :)”
Hailey: “I can’t…” So, I’ve gifts for all the BAMF family… Hailey, Houston and Josh… Hailey” You said it Josh…” Open it, open it 🙂 Hailey: “You guys are actually really good! Hailey: “What? I had a meeting with Dave, and he was like
I’ll be right back, and I was like what he’s talking about?” (Jason Jones laughing) Hailey: “What? That’s so cool! Wow this is awesome!” Welcome to the Youcanevent family! So I’ve to more for… Hailey: “Oh! And even have a BAMF logo! Of course, of course! So I’ve one for Josh and Houston as well,
so I don’t if you want me to send it by mail or something. Hailey: “Yeah! I guess we got to mail it to them!” Ok cool! Hailey: “That’s awesome! They gonna love it!” Then I have antoher thing, yeah… So, hold on that! Basically we have like a music for the Youcanevent
vision, and I like to play for our customers as well, so yeah let’s do it! Hailey: “Even though isn’t the hottest day
in San Francisco” Jason Jones: “This whole week has been pretty
hot!” So you’ve here the lyrics, if you wanna take
that. This is our vision! ♫
Yeah! ♫ Hailey,
♫ Just listen now,
Everytime that you feel down… ♫ Celebrations are sensations,
Don’t waste time creating evaluations… ♫Because, ♫We are all different,
Don’t spend time being some even, Because, ♫No matter how much you try,
To prototype, ♫We just have one thing in common,
Don’t be a moron, ♫Be, ♫The one that shares love,
Friendships and beliefs… Yeaah… ♫Because life is,
A music and we are here to sing and dance with her, ♫Believe in yourself,
Go to your mother and tell, How much you love her, ♫And spread the message for someone else. And… ♫Start doing the celebration with the good
vibration, Now! ♫Raise your arms to the sky, and sing so
high! ♫Youcanevent every day! Youcan do it any time! Celebrating with your life… Yeah! ♫Youcan do it! ♫Youcan do it, every day! Youcanevent any time! Celebrating with you life… Yeaaah… ♫Youcan do it! ♫Yeah! ♫You understood the message,
Try not be so that restless. ♫Remember,
That you live once, spark the brain and do the bounce, ♫Yeaaaah, ♫In the end of the history, only the strong
marathonist, Wins the race of life… ♫Believe in yourself,
Go to your mother and tell, ♫How much you love her,
And spread the message for someone else, ♫And… Start doing the celebration with the good
vibration, ♫Now! ♫Raise your arms to the sky,
And sing so high..! ♫Again yeah! ♫Youcanevent every day… Youcan do it any time! ♫Celebrating with your life! Yeaaah… ♫Youcan do it! Hailey: This is fucking awesome! Wow! Cool, so surprise, surprise, surprise! We are doing this to all of our customers! Hailey: “Guys are you crazy?!?!” Hailey: “I thought that you were… You guys are just out of your minds!” Jason: “We do a lot! We try to stand out!” It is what it is… Hailey:” Oh my god…” Do you like the hoodie? Hailey: “I love the hoodie, this is amazing! It’s a little hot for today, but like, I’ve
been admiring your logo, cause it’s clearly… Stands out! It’s cool branding! I’m really excited to use it!” Thank you, and did you see it in the back? Hailey: “It’s in the back too?” Says BAMF! Ok! Hug! Thank you… Hailey: “You guys are so funny!” Guys, mission accomplished, Youcanevent team
is amazing, Hailey is amazing, BAMF SF is amazing, and we did one of the first surprises
to our customers here in San Francisco! Hope you enjoyed it and “Youcanevent… Every day!”

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