Surface Studio is Microsoft’s new all-in-one PC

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Studio, an
all-in-one PC with a 28-inch PixelSense display, the thinnest display ever built according
to the company. It has a 3:2 display ratio and an Intel Core
processor, a 2TB hybrid hard drive and an NVIDIA GPU, as well as integrated 2.1 speakers
and a haptic feedback controller puck device. The computer has a unique hinge on the back
designed to make it more flexible for creative pursuits. Surface Studio’s display is designed to
immerse the user as much as possible. According to Microsoft, the display uses 13.5
million pixels to make for a 192 PPI density that won’t reveal individual pixels no matter
where you’re viewing from. The display also includes a feature Microsoft
is calling TrueColor, which allows creators to “render the world as he or she believes
it needs to be rendered.” What this means is that you can change your
color space on the fly. The Studio’s display also features something
called ‘True Scale,’ which allows it to display print products at actual scale on
the screen. “One inch on the screen is one inch in real
life.” Surface Studio also supports Surface Pen,
making it an option for graphics professionals. The Surface Dial works with the screen intelligently,
giving you software tools like color sliders in various apps.The Dial can work either laid
out on the desk like a keyboard, or placed directly on the display,
Microsoft’s Surface Studio is made is aluminum and weighs in at 13bs. It has a touch screen, 32GB RAM, four USB
3.0 ports, Ethernet, Audio, SD and Mini DisplayPort (no Thunderbolt). The speakers, ports and drive are contained
in the base, which is a short, square box that lies between the chrome supports under
the display. The Surface Studio is available for pre-order
now, and will arrive in Microsoft Stores for hands-on demos starting October 27. It’s going to ship in limited numbers by
this holiday season, and is priced starting at $2,999.

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24 thoughts on “Surface Studio is Microsoft’s new all-in-one PC

  1. Say what you will, Apple's contribution to the tech world at large is indelible. The Surface studio, try as it might not to be.. Is the perfect example.

  2. daaaaaaaamn 3000 dollars i would totally buy it…. even though 3000 is like …. i've never seen that much of money all at once in my life yet lol

  3. Microsoft iMac 🖥 😂
    But they still haven't fixed their blue screen of death of course. 30 years of OS development yet windows 10 crashes even when idle… 😂

  4. Apple needs to step up its game or their new "spaceship" campus in Cupertino will be a zombie town. Steves J is "seeing" all of these and regretting putting Cook in his place.

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