Surefire PR Marketing Tips and Tricks | How To Approach Brands for Public Relations

hey there come on Adam little tray here from viewership calm and it is Q&A Thursdays I’m here with Neil Patel and we are going through all of your comments and we’re picking a specific one that you all about it that you wanted to talk about so Neil for today the comment that we’re going to be talking about is from Drew Tatia sorry if I’m getting that pronunciation wrong sir can you give me some tips for public relations Neil if you want to get PR then here’s the thing most people want to be featured on TechCrunch Business Insider CNN Mashable you name it the next web hitting up the editors and ask him to promote you write about you ug isn’t gonna do much they’re gonna ignore you you need to get an intro so people go out about the wrong way they try to get on there by hitting them up versus finding out who they’ve written on because they write tons of stories every day or network with all the people within those companies like those top 10 or top 50 or whatever that they keep mentioning and then once you network with those people ask them for an introduction genius it really is the easiest way to get PR right if you’re a marketer this is even a bit more hardcore but it works I used to hit up TechCrunch Mashable Business Insider Gawker media and their whole network and the list kept going on on Google and I’ll do all their marketing for free and then when I needed PR to hit them up I’m already doing their marketing sonali did I know their stats there are they always wrote about me because I did it for free right and that was a really effective strategy because not only did I get more press but then they also introduced me to other people that needed marketing once I increase their traffic and that’s a bit more of a longer-term play but that was a great strategy like I remember when I head up Michael Arrington to do his marketing he ignored me the first few times and said thanks I did Mashable on all his competitors he started noticing that they got way more traffic and I made sure they put my logo on the website so they knew I did the marketing and then Arrington finally hit me back up one day I was like oh can you also do our marketing now and then I grew his traffic and I’m like once I grew up I’m like hey make sure you email all your investor friends and show them the screenshot of what I did and that also helped drive more biz as law which was a great approach but people have it wrong with PR you can’t just head up a header like you go for the kill yeah you you have a dating website right what is it called a sexy conference sexy confidence okay if people just hit you up to write about dating like tinder or match will you respond you just ignore me yeah but on the flipside if someone you knew emailed you and did an introduction with someone at tinder would you be much more likely to respond of course yeah exactly so you want to get the intro if you can’t figure out how to get the intro by just hitting up the top ten people or people who work there go to local events networking events and you’ll eventually meet people especially their startup events of ones who like have gone press or network and know how to get you know on TechCrunch or Mashable whatever version is in your country and they’ll introduce you and help you get on there as well when you’re emailing people within a company it’s important to read know that like when you’re going for the top ten it has to be someone in public relations the CEO or founder or someone in marketing right if you just head up random people you’re not going to get the conversion right right no I mean it makes total sense because I feel like with with PR or marketing or anything like this so many people are trying to just take from them yep right because they know that they have been the honey and so people are just hitting them up and it happens with me with both my companies I’m sure it happens to you and for you every day like I’m getting like 10 20 messages a day saying can you write about us oh we have the CEO he would be amazing for your podcast like I don’t even read it I’m like the moment I can see it’s generic I just click the back button and move on to the next email right so it’s all about giving and giving to the right people and then it just comes right back around like that that business Karma I guess that’s right yeah that’s a great strategy and that’s how I hate you up in the first place that’s right you hit me up and when you hit me up I think you tried hitting us up for paid consulting yeah and then I don’t know no I was gonna do sexy o for one of my other companies and I was starting viewership my new company and like hey I’ll work with you for free that’s right and then in exchange for SCO for my other thing and now it’s just when we built a friendship and look you’re even on camera exact there’s no money exchanged or anything we’re just friends yeah it’s not even like you asked to be I’m like oh this will be cool totally and then on top of that I also drove you business side revenue exactly I’m flying from Boston in LA to do this stuff and it’s worth it yeah yeah so there it is all right cool so guys if you enjoyed this make sure you leave that comment right there below saying yes I enjoy this or of course if you have a question that you want to ask Neil then of course do that and and of course anything you need help with I’m here I’ll respond any ones that get uploaded a lot or liked a lot I’ll make sure we answer them in a you know Q&A video on every Thursday but again if you’re entrepreneur marketer or anyone you just need help I don’t care if you have money or you have a lot or a little doesn’t matter leave a comment I really am here to help and I’ll try to do my best to help you succeed so thank you subscribe leave a comment I love you guys see you next Thursday

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46 thoughts on “Surefire PR Marketing Tips and Tricks | How To Approach Brands for Public Relations

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  4. Thanks for this Neil Patel, some helpful and very actionable tips, as always. I know you're a busy man, but please could you address the question I left on the "how to start your own marketing agency" video Thanks in advance!

  5. Hey Neil, love the tips.

    Just a quick question. I know you're a big proponent of content marketing. Wanted to know your opinion on curating entertainment (e.g. funny videos, images, memes) as "content" for users and if you think that could play an effective role by itself, apart from information content that you usually talk about.

  6. Hey Neil,

    I want to start a marketing company. I'm a student and already have made 1 website for friends of my parents and I did the seo for them.

    My questions is. How do I get customers or how do I get in contact with them?

    Thanks in advance

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    Local clients means those who are not aware of Digital Marketing

  8. Neil! My man, im using all your advice day in day out at the new company im working out. I will let you know how everything pans out.

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  17. I created this pretty cool yet risky video to send to people. It's kind of scary and creepy but It landed me a client. I am going to test it out on podcast host to get my clients on their show.

    Lol, wish me luck

  18. I have to respectfully disagree that getting an intro is going to really help you get media. The journalist really doesn’t care who you know. This process works for getting to VCs (founder intros) but for PR journalists only care about one thing: what do their readers want to read about? Your angle. What makes you interesting? Is your company or product “hot”? Intros rarely will help. Trust me, I’ve been featured in Techcrunch over a dozen times, Fast Company, Mashable, you name it! Intros don’t help! Journalist only care about your angle and their readers.

  19. Neil, I have had no success whatsoever in getting media interest and that is the brutal truth. I'm not scared to say it, I just hope you can do as promised and respond. I need to start conversations with influencers like you because quite frankly, we have a life changing product that people need to know about…. thanks

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