Superman Red Son REVIEW

it’s a good time to be a DC animation
fan we’ve all been talking about how good the new Harley Quinn series is
and it looked good from the trailers but this this is a real pleasant surprise I
mean the opening credits sequence alone is so good and while it’s not nearly as
detailed detailed as the comic book that it’s based on it can’t be it’s an
hour-and-a-half movie versus you know a longer three-issue miniseries but
Superman red Sun is easily one of the best and certainly the most
sophisticated animated movies to come out of DC animation ever not just
recently ever I like it that much and it actually does justice to the
original comic I mean how often does that happen I’ll tell you how often
Never I always watch these animated movies and
I go man so many people are gonna watch this and not read the comic which is so
much better but I think this is a good approximation you should go back and
read the comic but you don’t have to with this one it’s so good and it also
makes you feel even worse so I’ve been feeling pretty bad about it so to make
me feel even worse about it it’s impressive but that Warner Brothers
hasn’t done a live-action version of this story with Henry Cavill he would
kill it in fact the comic end now this film echoes what Matthew Vaughn and
Bryan Singer did so successfully with the x-men creating an alternate timeline
or super-powered beings interact with real-life historical figures cleverly
starting from when Superman first debuted 1938 and going from there
through the 1960s Mark Miller is a very good idea man that’s all he does now
he’s just a professional idea man I missed the days when he actually did
the whole execution but anyway the results here are even better than with
x-men I think because they go even more into history and you know it’s like it’s
history light with the x-men but here it was really good I mean if you’re a
history buff like myself that will add an even an additional layer of
entertainment I also think with the history elements you could draw
parallels to Watchmen and the red red Sun would have been or could
be you never know the Suicide Squad animated movie led to the Suicide Squad
live-action movie but I think that this could be a great live action HBO max
series instead of a movie because then you could really explore this alternate
timeline and I think my favorite element of this timeline is what’s done with the
Green Lantern Corps they’ve never seemed to me so much like
an actual military unit than they do in this movie good to have you back by the
way phil lamarr voicing Jon Stewart and if someone who’s never really got in
Green Lantern I really only liked the blackest night crossover story I thought
that was very good but I finally see their potential
I would like and like and seeing them in this movie too when I finally got the
coolness of caps shield and Winter Soldier or Aquaman in the recent film
and boy do I like Elseworlds stories I really like them
and a lot of the fun is seeing your favorite DC characters in a different
light and that’s what this is just chock-full of in fact I watched this
with my dad who only read comics as a kid he doesn’t like comics today and he
missed the whole Elseworlds trend he doesn’t even know what else world’s
really is but he was watching this and when he saw that Lois and Lex were
married he literally smiled and exclaimed out loud that’s crazy it was
fun I had a really good time watching in this with him I get my love of comics
and history from my dad and he really liked this movie he loved it and he’s
not even into animation that’s how good this is but the animation here is very
good almost almost as good as the original Bruce Timm Paul Dini era Tim by
the way is an executive producer and on the extras there’s this Phantom Stranger
short that he directs and that’s a cool intro in a comic book shop and I’m like
I see you behind that comic Bruce Timm I noticed your hair but it’s pretty lame
and trying too hard to be adult like oh look was smoking I mean they smoked a
lot in red Sun but I think that’s supposed to be showing what it was like
in the time period then but they’re doing a lot of smoking and groovy 70s
like hippie stuff and they’re like ah this is not good enough to get away with
this so well they’re like do you see how adult this is that’s enough I really
didn’t like that short and course of course I was like Bruce Timm
directed this ah Bruce Timm don’t pull the back too far the curtain back too
far on your hero’s alright but anyway the animation for the movie the red Sun
movie is good enough that it feels more like an extension of those beloved works
from the past than the more recent DC animated movies but not to say that some
of them haven’t been good I’ve enjoyed them but nothing’s been this good or or
as good obviously is the T the Tim Dini era as I just said with the exception of
the new Harlequin show that is so good watch it the second season is coming
it’s amazing but interestingly in this red Sun movie there aren’t any
incredible action sequences even though of course it’s about superheroes and
that’s how good it is that it’s still really enjoyable it’s a it’s more about
again exploring this different world comics wise they do such a good job
playing with the Superman mythology and getting so many famous Superman
characters in there but in a different way I love delay there with Brainiac
also exploring history that’s great but also the drama
I was so invested I gasped out loud several times watching this and I felt
the Superman versus superior man fight was particularly well done not so much
because of the action it was fine but because it was so emotional I really
liked that and the credit for this belongs not just to the animation team
but the voice cast as well excellent across the board but the standouts are
amy acker as Lois Lane so good diedrich bader as Lex Luthor it’s so funny
usually sometimes voices Batman as he does in the Harley Quinn animated series
Vanessa Marshall is Wonder Woman and particularly Jason Isaacs as Superman I
will even kind of forgive him for creeping me out
and that what was the cure for well in this movie I was like I don’t know if I
can ever watch or listen to jason isaacs again and I still thought of that when I
saw what I heard him here I was like that was too creepy but he was really
good here I mean he gives communists Superman real emotion and incredibly
nuanced line readings the only weak point and it’s so freakin weak his tenor
is strong who’s a voice acting legend but she is so unconvincing as young
Superman I’m like who are you kidding this is a
young boy’s voice I mean I can’t believe that it actually went to the final
product you would think when they heard it in the editing room they’d be like
good lord this is an abomination we must rerecord all right so there’s
got to be a little boy around here somewhere
doesn’t anyone have any kids who want a fun cameo also I have to say the
character design here is amazing Superman bred son suit is very well
realized I do appreciate black leather boots and gloves as are the looks for
Batman and Wonder Woman from the comic oh so Wonder Woman’s second look I don’t
know if that’s in the comic but it’s very cool here I don’t want to give too
much away but I was like that’s a good look also by the way as you might have
seen on social media this movie makes Wonder Woman a full lesbian and
deviation from the read side comic in fact which i think is good I think you
know well here’s the thing she comes from an island of all women
that’s just the situation that was created in the comics and you gotta be
you gotta be faithful to that and I think you have to think of the logical
extensions I’d say on the same on the same note I thought the man-hating
sometimes was a bit much here I was like oh I get it Wonder Woman you don’t like
guys but again she comes from an island of all women so I mean I think that’s
the context of the character it makes sense I mean just because she says it
doesn’t mean she’s right I mean there are a lot of characters in this movie
that have their perspectives aren’t great that’s that’s reality
I also by the way like the race spending of Jimmy Olsen something that the
Supergirl TV series started and seems to be sticking around
now something some of you might complain about that but here’s the thing when
these comics in these characters mythologies that are still very popular
today the main ones were created there was no diversity in comics even though
the world at that time was a diverse but nobody felt any responsibility to
represent the audience that was reading the material but today of course we
realized that that’s what should be done and you want these things to be
relatable to modern audiences so these changes have to be made and I think
Jimmy Olsen is an excellent candidate for race bending just as I thought Perry
White was as well finally my favorite character design by far away was Lois
Lane I’m such a big Lois Lane fan so because of that over the past years I’ve
been very sad that DC and Warner Brothers have
the idea that Lois should be made to look as ordinary as possible when the
whole appeal of the character is that she’s supposed to be just as formidable
and unique a human specimen as Lex Luthor it was very nice to see her back
in top form but yet still grounded I don’t like when Lois or lex are made
into like many superheroes right he’s an amazing businessman scientist and she’s
an investigative journalist those things are plenty cool all by themself if you
do them correctly and Lex Luthor was I think done very well here he was even in
more of a gray area than usual almost Batman like and I prefer this version of
Lex as well a side note Diedrich Bader was very good but I do
like Rainn Wilson as the current voice of Lex Luthor he’s very very good
sometimes DC can just really mess up their own characters which is
infuriating because the recipe is so simple and obvious that’s the beauty of
these characters and why their mythologies have been so popular for so
long but this animated movie red Sun I’m happy to say gets it right with the
Superman mythology and you know the stuff with the Trinity very good but you
know of course playing with it but you know they play with it but they’re
respectful to the origins which is why they’re playing with it works that’s the
trick of the Elseworlds story it’s different but yet not oh I love our old
stories all right so I also have to warn you like most DC animation these days
it’s trying to be for adults I don’t know what I think that’s gonna make them
more money I don’t think it would but this is a very least two pg-13 rated
film and maybe a soft R something to consider if you want to introduce it to
a younger viewer but I’ve really enjoyed it as you can see and I think you will
too so that’s my review of Superman read son share your own thoughts down below
if you have a spoiler comment be sure to mark it as such subscribe today and of
course as always you can check out some more videos right now

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100 thoughts on “Superman Red Son REVIEW

  1. Tbh. I liked the changes they’ve made form the comic!! I mean, the twist ending isn’t there but I could live with it and the slight changes they made to the scene with WW I find fairly more organic than in the comics. They also did a good job preserving SM’s likability

  2. BOP was good idc what anyone says DCEU as been doing good it’s a good time to be a Dc fan in general not just a animated fan

  3. Grace bingo

    Mentions her dad:
    Jessica Chastain hate:
    Mentions else world stories:
    Henry cavil love?:
    I love x men and batman:

  4. Diversity and tokenism is completely different aspects ,sometimes it can end up doing more harm than good .Now black people can relate to Jimmy since he's always following a white man around, that doesn't make sense to me.

  5. You got my attention with Red Son but got my full respect with the Jimmy Olsen opinion; wish more people would finally grow up (not just physically).

  6. The DC animation team realize with superman you have to make complex story for the character. Since he is so powerful. And they are nailing it. Great Job

  7. I thought this was great with a small exception: WW bashes on men to a degree that I don’t recall from reading the book. I think there is even a new WW scene ( immediately after GL battle ) that serves no narrative purpose other than to shame ‘men’. Call me crazy, but it seems a sign of the times.
    Aside from that, this is a very well-realised version of the book, with animation that at times is just exceptional in its ability to emote and convey fully-convincing characters which belies its simple style. Recommend this to any DC animation fan.

  8. You're daft, just watch a couple of clips and can tell instantly that this is a butchered adaptation. Did you even read the source material. I had a bad feeling DC would screw the pooch with this and you've lost my trust for being an trustworthy critic.

  9. Is a good movie yes, but when WW was in the “GULAG” it was a “never trust a man” blah blah blah… as my females friends said… they gave her an appearance of a psychologically and fiscally raped woman.

  10. If it’s on the DC streaming service it doesn’t exist to me!! Or other streaming services. I’ve got Netflix and Disney plus and that’s all I’m going to get.

  11. I watched it last night. Really enjoyed it. Except for the ending. I was so caught off guard by the ending in the comic that I was expecting it in the animation version

  12. Grace, I just saw Red Son. I was on the edge of my seat too. Been watching your channel for years. Always appreciate your recommendations. Keep up the great work 🙂

  13. Red Son is definitely my favourite comic book story. I have not watched the DC animation yet and I don't think it will be on par with the comic.

  14. You might not have liked it as much if it didn't skew more adult. The entire concept might not work very well otherwise.

  15. Loved wonder woman calling men out for being utter pieces of shit at every opportunity… Just in case we all missed the memo🙄

  16. I was pleasantly surprised how good the Superman Red Son movie was. Sam Liu’s directing filmography for DC animated movies has been so-so. Red Son is by far the best animated movie he’s directed.

  17. i just saw this, it pretty good. I still think The Death of Superman is the best one so far. Followed by The Dark Knight and than Flashpoint. I never read the comic, didn't even knew it existed. After watching the movie and reading some reviews on it. I am going to look into the book. Hope Amazon has it on it prime reading so I can borrow it for the kindle.

  18. Grace.. you just got me to pull the trigger and get the movie… Fab review and I'm gonna have to take a look at the Suicide Squad animated series too!

  19. i really dont know. i just watched it and its horible. have no idea why would anyone like this. ( or maybe i do )

  20. 8:23 – N-nooooo. That mindset is exactly why Hollywood and the comics industry are constantly churning out awful awful stories these days (and why profits are way down). If either industry actually bothered to hire competent writers, it'd be much easier to bring in any of the diverse characters that already exist that most mainstream audiences have never heard of. Or, you know, they could actually try to make something new.

  21. Awesome review Grace, and I agree…this is probably amongst the top 5 DC animated movies ever.

    Oh BTW, when will we get a review for ALTERED CARBON sn2?

  22. Noo! This animation was great, but the end was a true cliche (capitalism is the freedom to the comunist countrys), so the end screw up the animation, because of that I think that isn't the best animation.

  23. I hated this movie… they changed alot from comics and for not the better Supermans actions and the Wonder Woman Angle (We get It, god) and I liked the wacky grant Morrison ending..if we can have the big squid in Wacthmen…we can have twlight zone ending

  24. Totally in a different page than you are. This is a terrible adaptation, mostly for the character's interpretations. On its own, this movie is a choppy mediocre failure. As an animated version, it's revolting.

  25. I liked all but the last 5mins. It felt like unawears 1950s propaganda. This should have been a dialectic; thesis, antithesis, syntheses. They do the thesis well without making it a caricature but the they don't challenge the antithesis in the end. Still, its like mass effect 3, good save the last 5min. -May be a bit cryptic but I'm trying to avoid spoilers.

  26. Going to have to buy. I own this comic. I remember being shocked by the violence of Batman in the comic. Should be interesting to see how far the movie takes it…

  27. I saw it and the ending was very disappointing. The part with Batman was good. The Green Lantern Corp seemed pointless and didn't add anything to the story.

  28. I would love to see a live action interpretation. But it would need to be a new cast for the roles instead of the current DC cinematic universe cast. I'm not sure how they could translate this story from the 50's onward to today. unless you replace Stalin with Gorbachev and make the majority of the story take place in a modern day where the soviet union never fell.

  29. Same, Grace. I also ❤️ Lois & I’ve never been able to get into the Lanterns outside of Darkest Night. Glad this one turned out well—it’s one of my fave Superman elseworlds. It IS a shame they don’t let Cavill do a live action version of this. He’d be great.

  30. Dear DCEU: Release ONE else world-based film a year and turn the tides in your favor by being unique.

  31. I wasn't so impressed. I enjoyed most of the movie, but I didn't like the ending. Luthor basically ended up a hero. Lots about that that didn't make sense.

  32. If we had half the respect for animation they have in Japan, DC animation would be a jugernault

  33. I’m so glad this is another good DC animated film. So confused why they don’t do this on the big screen.

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