Stupid Questions Cost You Sales!

– As a sales professional, as a closer, are you asking these stupid questions, that you don’t even know are
costing you money and sales? (triumphant music) Right? I’m talking about, here’s
the very first one. When you’re going to a retail shop, when you’re browsing around,
you walk into the shop, and the salesperson
walks up to you and say, how can I help you? And you say, no, no,
no, I’m just browsing. Even though, maybe you’re going in there, you’re actually looking to buy something, you want to buy, but your
immediate reaction is, because you don’t want to be sold, and you say, no, no, I’m just looking. I’m just browsing. So why, as a sales professional, as a salesperson, we
keep using those lines, knowing it will automatically
trigger the response of, no, I don’t want anything to do with this? We keep saying, oh, how can I help you? No, I don’t want any
help, I’m just browsing. How can I help you? You’re getting rejected
again, and again, and again, and you don’t even know why. So today, I’m gonna give you a whole bunch of these questions. I want you to ask yourself,
are you using these questions, are you asking these questions and you don’t even know why? And yes, it’s costing you money. A lot of money. Second question. Do you have a minute? Why do you just want a minute? You would not be able to
make that sale in one minute. It’s a dumb thing to ask. What it says is, to the
prospect, right there your time is not valuable. What you have to say is
not that valuable to me. You only need a minute? Don’t do that. And you know what? You and I both know, you’re
gonna need more than one minute. Right there, you are lying,
right up front to your prospect. It destroys all your credibility. What you could say is not
the best thing to say, but it’s better than
do you have minute is, is this a good time to talk? That’s a little bit better. It’s even better than, am I
catching you at a bad time? Right there, yes, you are
catching me at a bad time, right? Get off the phone, I
don’t wanna talk to you. You’re setting yourself up for failure, so don’t do that. Hey, you can call and say,
is it a good time to talk? Oh, yeah, it’s a good time to talk. And then you can proceed. But don’t say, do you have a minute? That question is costing you sales. Question number three. How could you not want this deal? Oh, my God! How could you not want this deal? I don’t want the deal, I don’t want it. You cannot push, you cannot
shove all your product, your offer, service down
your prospect’s throat. How could you not want this? Can you see this makes sense? This would help you, would help your company. No, I do not see it. You got to make them see it. You got to make them to come
to their own conclusions, your prospect, come to
their own conclusion that hey, you know what,
this would help me. This would transform my life. This would take my
business to the next level. Remember, when you say
something, it means something, but when your prospect says
something, it means everything. So if you are asking that
question, it means this, you have not properly qualified
your prospects up front, and you have not discovered
what his or her needs are. Question number four. Would you like some
time to think about it? Yes, yes, I wanna think about it. So then guess what? I’m not gonna buy. Delay kills sales. So what it tells me is
when you ask the question, would you like some
time to think about it? You don’t want to push. You feel like, well, I don’t
wanna push the prospects. Well sometimes, guess what? You have to push the prospects. You have to lead them
to the right decision, in spite, sometimes they
don’t even see it yet. But as a sales professional, as a leader, you got to lead them to
the conclusion where, hey, you know what? Let’s make you some money. Let’s get the sale, let’s get it going, let’s solve your problem. So no, you close that
sale right there and then, and you don’t ask the question, would you like some
time to think about it? No. No. You close the sale right there and then. So if you’re asking this question, stop! Stop, no more. Another stupid question is, would like a proposal or a quote? Okay, I’m gonna shoot
myself with this one. Would you like a proposal or a quote? Here’s the problem with that, how many of you done a proposal, you give them a quote, right? And guess what, now you’re
playing the chase game. You’re chasing a prospect. Hey, have you gotten my proposal? Have you received the proposal? Have you read the proposal? Well, what do you think? No. No. If you could close the
sale without the quote, without a proposal, you
do not do the proposal. You close the deal on the
phone, with one phone call, after you get the commitment, after you’ve properly qualified them. Then, you send them the agreement and you just sign the deal. Now if you have not watched my video on why you shouldn’t do proposals, and why I hate proposals,
click on this button and you can watch the video on why I don’t believe
you should do proposals, and when your prospect says,
hey, send me a proposal, what you say to reply back. So go ahead and watch that video. Okay, here’s another
dumb, dumb, dumb question, stupid question, and that is, who is the best salesperson
that ever called you? Who gives a damn? Why are you asking that question? How does that help you? How does that do anything? Are you just trying to
say, hey, you know what, I’m the best sales guy
who’s ever called you. Nobody cares. They care about, can
you solve my problems? That’s all the prospect,
that’s all they’re thinking. Can you help me solve my problem? Can you help me remove the pain that I’m experiencing right now. Nobody cares if you’re the Academy Award
salesperson, nobody cares. So don’t ask that question,
it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t tell you more information, it doesn’t tell you anything
about your prospect, it’s nothing more than
a ego driven question. So you do not ask that question, okay? What is worse than, do
you want me to send you a proposal or a quote, is, can I send you an email? Oh, my God. My God, no. No. Close the sale on the phone. Think about it, if you cannot
close the sale on the phone or you’re face to face,
toe to toe, belly to belly, in front of prospect, what makes you think you’re gonna close that sale in an email? Close the sale, believe in what you do, have the confidence and just
close the sale on the phone. When you send them the email, it’s with a payment link,
it’s with an agreement, it’s with the wire transfer information. You’re not counting and
relying on an email to sell, you’re counting on your
ability, and your charisma, right, your experience, your skill to close that sale right
there, right on the spot. And here’s the dumbest
question of all time. Are you looking to buy today? No! No, no, no! I’m not looking to buy today! Get off my back. No, you have to understand this, people hate to be sold,
but they love to buy. But you don’t ask them that question. Do you wanna buy today? Why don’t you buy today? No. Don’t ask that type of questions. It triggers a negative response, even the people that wanna buy, when you say that, the prospect feels, oh, shit, he just got me, right,
he just closed me on this. It doesn’t make them feel
good about a purchase. Instead of asking that, hey,
would you like to buy today, no, make it like it’s their idea. One question I like to ask is, where should we go from here? That’s it. Where should we go,
together, on the same page, where should we go from here? And they will say, well, let’s do it, or, let’s move forward,
or let’s get this done. And I say, congratulations. I look forward working with you, I look forward helping you with this, I look forward working with the team. Boom, done, send an agreement,
not proposal, in an email, and you close that deal. Or sometimes you actually get the credit card information on the phone, depends on how much the transaction size is, right? So remember, whoever can make
it rain, controls the game. Whoever can make it
rain, controls the game. Now, those are the stupid questions. If you want to know how to ask, not the stupid questions, but
intelligent, smart questions during a sales conversation, I’m doing a special
training for two hours. Click the link below or somewhere
on this page and join me, where I’m gonna teach you how
to ask the proper questions with the right terminologies. Because closing, think about this, closing is nothing more than
asking the right prospect the right questions at the right time. That’s all closing is. And questions are the answers. Not the stupid questions,
but the smart questions, the leading questions,
the discovery questions, the multiple choice questions,
the redirect questions, I’m gonna teach you all of that. So join me for this special training, I’ll see you in class.

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