Studying Theatre – Andy Mandoiu – Starting my own theatre company

[Music] Hello my name is Andy Mandoiu and I’m a ex-student, alumni now, at Derby University. I studied theatre here and now I have my own theatre company following that. When I was in Romania preparing to move to the UK I actually got help from an agency, they showed me a couple of universities, one of them being Derby. When I saw the theatre and just the atmosphere looked great I came here with my mother the summer before so I checked out the city, I came to the theater, I did a little tour and then it was a quite an easy decision for me after that. Now I am working at Derby theatre, this is my part-time job here, and I also have a theater company called Smoking Guns Theatre. This week actually we got our Arts Council funding, so we got £8,000 to create a new show based on interactive theater and role-playing games, so we created a concept and then we applied for funding and following this we’re going be touring around the Midlands. All my life I knew I wanted to be an actor and to come to the UK, but then coming to this university I realised that it’s not only about being an actor, it’s about what you can do on a daily basis so it is really helped me create a life for myself

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