Student entrepreneur at UWM launches business with Student Startup Challenge

The summer of 2016, I had the idea
to dehydrate watermelon and it actually tasted pretty good. And I came to UWM and I found the
Student Startup Challenge and they helped nurture the idea into Light Fruit Company. The Student Startup Challenge was able to
give me a small grant to get my first
four dehydrators and some packaging. But even more important is the knowledge
that I’ve learned through events sponsored by UWM. We had the opportunity to meet with
food and beverage startups and manufacturers throughout the Milwaukee area, really accelerating
business. Over the next year, Matt and I were able to
compete in and win seven different business plan competitions. We were able to get a TV spot on “Project
Pitch It.” It’s a local version of “Shark Tank.” And we were awarded $10,000 on that TV show. This summer we’re gonna be working hard at
launching our production facility. So we’ll begin manufacturing and packaging
and shipping our product. I loved my time at UWM and I’m excited to
apply everything that I’ve learned thus far and see where it
gets me.

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