Streets #6 – Startup advice from Agterosse Clothing Co.

My name is Alex Landman I’m the founder
of Agterosse clothing company my advice to anyone starting out or if you
think about starting out would be before you set about doing anything
before you plan before you even think of an idea you have to believe in
yourself I had the opportunity to chat to a few students a few days
ago and I asked them what would you say if I told you you are going
to be the next president of South Africa or you are going to be that next big
corporate CEO and I told them once you realize that this is not hypotheticals
once you realize that and you start believing that this is the potential for
the life that you are living you will see doors start opening in your life at
speeds that you could never imagine and the second piece of advice I would give
is really cliche but it’s going to be hard as hell but you need to find a
way to push through it because in the end it’s all going to be worth it cool

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