Stossel: Glenn Beck vs. Big Tech

Oh good, you got this video! I’m glad, because it turns out that Facebook, and so on, don’t show us all our friends’ posts. They just show us some… from some of our friends. That’s why I ask for your email address so we don’t get cut off. Now why might we be cut off? Well, sometimes I agree with conservatives, and social media companies are accused of being… biased against conservatives. against conservatives. biased against conservatives. Are they? All the companies say “our policies apply equally to everyone.” For example, “You may not promote violence.” [yelling] But in Portland Oregon, Antifa threw things at journalist Andy Ngo, because he criticized Antifa’s violence. At one point, they beat him, kicking and punching him in the head. [yelling] The attack left Ngo with brain damage. But the attackers’ account is still up, linking to their website that justifies the violence, saying “if you rally the far-right to attack our city, the community will stop you, however it can” So what does that tell you? That there’s probably bias? [Laughs] Glenn Beck runs a big media operation called The Blaze, which has millions of followers. Voices on the right being silenced Lately he’s been charging that social media companies push a leftist agenda. “They manipulate algorithms to reshape our world.” Beck has not been banned. But he says Facebook has reduced his reach. You can post whatever you want. We have the little higher wall here for you. While I’m not a conservative, I have noticed some weird stuff going on. My videos average more than a million views. But when I did that one, which included some criticism of Facebook. That video got less than half as many views. Because Facebook didn’t show it to many people? I can’t know. That’s secret. For those who seek to push hate … Today, social media companes are pressured to cut off anyone spreading hate. You have no place on our platforms. [Applause] Now, YouTube and Facebook say they even demote content that almost violates policies. We do not allow hate groups on Facebook overall. They’re shaping you. [yelling] As an example of how they treat some groups differently, Beck points out that Twitter and Facebook leave up Antifa accounts that promote violence. In Austin they were actually calling for the next phase to have people be a paramilitary operation. That was up forever. It’s still up. It links to a manifesto calling for their opponents to be “beaten bloody… annihilated.” By contrast, Beck says conservative accounts are censored merely for making fun of Democrats. The opportunity to do something historic. Remember the person who slowed down Pelosi and they were outed, outed. Facebook did say “we dramatically reduced its distribution.” The person who was in charge happened to be one of the leaders in Nancy Pelosi’s office who had just left Nancy Pelosi’s office to go to work. Well, did that play a role? They must hire some Republicans, too. They do, but it’s about 20% and they’re not from top level positions. Zuckerberg met with 15 conservative leaders. Facebook once invited Beck and others to discuss accusations that Facebook censors conservatives. Sitting with Zuckerberg, who is either not really running his company, is naive, or a liar. I don’t know which. But I sat with him and he said, “Why would we do that? Why would we do that?” And okay, I agree with you. I want to believe you. Why would they tick off half the country? Why would they tick off half of the people, you know? And so I want to believe him. However, your actions don’t match. Beck was also unhappy with some of his fellow conservatives. There were some conservatives that were there who said, “Well, Mark, you can solve this by basically having affirmative action. Making sure that for every liberal you hire, you hire …” I don’t want that. Was there any talk about saying, look, we’re just a platform. We shouldn’t be doing any of this. We should just run everything that- No. Nobody even brought it up? No. It bothers me that there are so many conservatives that want more regulation. We don’t need more regulation. But it’s human nature, whenever we see something we don’t like, to say, “Government must do something.” Even Beck fell prey to that. Remember when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visited the border and claimed she saw immigrants Being told by CBP officers to drink out of the toilet. Beck was so upset by that, he said she should be punished. “I would like to prosecute anyone who is making outrageous charges like this.” So you want prosecution of one of the 500 members of Congress who says nonsense? No. Half of them say nonsense. I mean, John, first of all, I speak five hours off script everyday. So, you’re not eager to prosecute Cortez? No. No. No. I’m glad he walked that back. Truth comes out through argument, open debate. The more social media companies censor, the less we learn. On at least some platforms, all speech should be free. And I’m glad Beck agreed with that. You would have them publish everything? Stop all this censorship? Yes. Just let people say whatever? Yep. Yep. We can handle it. Stop treating us like children.

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100 thoughts on “Stossel: Glenn Beck vs. Big Tech

  1. treat social media like common carriers, that they are protected from whatever people might say, and maybe direct more, conservative people towards what scatterbrain people might say

  2. Remember free speech allows me to know how you really feel about things. Then I have the freedom to disagree and to not associate with you. If you hamper free speech then you may let things get by behind your back.

  3. That’s just the free market. Just like if the market wants to deny you water food or shelter, that’s a good thing. We wouldn’t want to force people to be fair, that would be the most horrible thing I could ever imagine.

  4. Whatever the market does is good for us. I love everything a company does that is not regulated by the government.

  5. I don’t really agree with the idea that there should be absolutely NO censorship on these far reaching platforms. Remember when a far right individual went into a Pizza store with a gun because of false information spread through InfoWars (which in turn became viral on social media)? There are some lines that are drawn for a reason, and while it’s difficult to draw the line between acceptable and objectionable speech, that doesn’t mean the line shouldn’t exist at all

  6. AOC: her comments were criminal and meant to incite violence, THATS why she should have been prosecuted. You cannot lie about the government (ie Border Patrol facilities) and think you can get away with it, especially when you are PART of the government. Saying our border facilities are concentration camps is sickening and probably illegal. BTW if they WERE concentration camps, why can people leave them (and go back to their own countries?!)

  7. AOC: her comments were criminal and meant to incite violence, THATS why she should have been prosecuted. You cannot lie about the government (ie Border Patrol facilities) and think you can get away with it, especially when you are PART of the government. Saying our border facilities are concentration camps is sickening and probably illegal. BTW if they WERE concentration camps, why can people leave them (and go back to their own countries?!)

  8. Glen Beck's reaction to AOC is the perfect analogy for how the left operates. That was a very emotional issue for him, and his knee-jerk reaction to it was to respond with all the vitriol and emotion he was feeling at the moment and to apply force in order to get retribution. The difference is that once the dust settled and he had time to reflect, he realized that he was behaving no better than those with whom he disagrees and had to admit he was acting based on emotion and not rationale. This is the leftists mindset personified. The left runs purely on emotion, never allowing for reason to creep in and correct their behavior. There is no room for self reflection, no room for admitting error, and they just keep moving from one egregious outrage to the next.

  9. The reason why they silence conservative voices is because the right speaks with the truth and the facts the leftist can’t antifa is bastard child of the left which is why they won’t condemn or remove their site’s

  10. Beck is wrong… These are "Communication" Companies.
    There is a reason why Utilities are Regulated, and it's 100% because of issues like this, discrimination against people's BASIC RIGHTS.
    They are regulated to simply ensure basic fair rules are in place, that there aren't discriminatory rules or practices.
    So, Socials SHOULD be regulated. They are no different than other Utilities.

  11. Facebook and other tech companies are now arms of the political Left. The brass of those companies made a conscious choice to join a political movement that is using the institutions of free speech and private property to attack and destroy their political opponents. This being the case, Facebook et all forfeit their private property and free speech rights and any actions (including anti-trust investigations) is the appropriate retaliatory force for the lives they have destroyed and the political movement they have associated with. They should also be stripped of their CDA Section 230 immunity too.

  12. Simply google “Lesbian Couples,” or “gay couples” and you’ll get those couples. Google “straight couples” and the first picture isn’t even a straight couple. There are a few straight couples, but most are LGBT.

    The reasoning is that “those people” who google that are bigots and need to be fixed…

  13. The fundamental problem with the Libertarian Party. They are absolutely fine with despotic authoritarianism as long as its giant mega-corporations and not the government. So what if public discourse is almost COMPLETELY controlled by unaccountable corporations that can restrict speech, expression and information?

  14. Wait, wait, wait a minute. Conservatives are now pro-affirmative action when it's helpful? C'mon this is absurd. Either AA is bad or it isn't. You can't pick and choose.

  15. …or do the Libertarian approach. If you don't like what they're doing, find someone that you do like. Join their site. Give them money. Youtube and Facebook are allowed to associate with whomever they choose. And, NOT associate with whomever they choose.

  16. We need for government to stop these companies from saying that they are neutral platforms. That would mean that they are subject to the same litigation as any other news media, if it's warranted.

  17. What happened to private property rights? These are private companies! They can ban anything they want! Let’s not be hypocrites on the right!

  18. And yet I can watch Chinese Movies on YouTube that are basically bondage porn. I suppose "art" is in the eye of the beholder.

  19. This is the biggest thing turning people against the free market. Tech monopolies can censor whom they please. Somehow, no competitor manages to seriously challenge the giants by offering a better service. Sorry John: it may be time for government regulation!

  20. "stop treating us like children…" That's difficult when they give crayons and safe spaces to adults is post secondary institutions.

  21. I dont necesarily have a problem with the blocking of violent content or that which advocates for violence. That is non protected speach. However, when theres an apparent bias in it where ine side gets away with it brazenly, and the otherside is censored or demonitized or shut down for even looking like they might get close to almost violating a community guideline….thats not fair or just in the slightest

  22. Damn! Much respect to Stossel calling him out like that. Keep it fair. The conservatives are not perfect, they are just way more appealing than the liberals at the moment.

  23. People are not even free of their own delusions and stupidity let alone freedom of speech or any freedom at all .

  24. I was in facebook jail for 30-days for sharing a image that I got from Ted Nugent it was just 5-words on a red,white,blue background bordered by black Ted doesn't get put in a time out but I do as a serf. Oh those 5-words according to facebook are a level-1 hate-speech, and the words are (illegals aren't immigrants there criminals) hate speech I don't see a threat or a racial slur.

  25. Couldn't care less what Facebook does. It has absolutely no bearing on my life whatsoever. It could be gone tomorrow and I would not care. This social website that some quirky college nerd developed to meet girls is not something I care about.

  26. She can't as a representative of the US Congress tell OUTRIGHT LIES like she tells. Those vice's should ABSOLUTELY NOT BE TOLERATED. To tolerate such behavior is to promote the 535 of irresponsibility and actions not accountable to anyone. NO!!! They should be held to a Higher standard not LOWER.

  27. Why has Glen Beck gotten so fat? He’s Mormon. They’re supposed to be against gluttony. Is he sick? Is he depressed? Wtf is going on?

  28. So on Jhon.cant tell you how many times i get booted of specific channels even when making a post. Was jus cut off fro EV channel. Go figure…

  29. Who gets to define the “hate speech”? Now and later….. it just boils down to censorship of speech and ideas, and an attack on our freedom, liberties and constitution.

  30. You guys should get on alternative video streaming platforms like Bitchute and Gab. There are tons of them. You never know when YT will decide to take down your channel. Good luck

  31. Basically employees of those companies will find or create a reason to suspend or ban conservatives, and anyone else critical of their left-wing views, but then they rationalize reasons to not suspend, or ban left-wingers. The CEOs don't have time to actually read the posts in question.

  32. Isn't libeling an organization with false accusations equivalent to libeling an individual under the law? Honestly, I don't know, but if it is, then they really should go after AOC.

  33. It's not just the companies it's also the users… is it cause of the companies are they manipulative 🤔 🤷‍♂️

  34. The new Republican victim approach. I have never seen a Republican video taken down. Prager said his Ten Commandments video was taken down but it’s still online.
    This is just another attempt to call everyone but them fake news. The right promotes fake news, and Glenn Beck is one of the worst. These people make America worse not better. It’s all a scam.
    If you don’t like YouTube make your own YouTube. Compete crybabies!

  35. The reason a small group of white people came up with separation of powers was to stop a small group of white people from getting complete power. Now the small group of white people have become a big group. The easiest fix is the mainstream media being forced to be unbiased and go back to the watchdog role with government subsidies. But maybe black Americans or Hispanic Americans can fix it for us.

  36. They are not afraid that we can't handle it. They are afraid that the right might convince people to use a more reasonable way of looking at things.

  37. I have noticed my non-political business views on social media going down lately. Maybe the problem is the way that algorithms are being setup instead of conservatives being targeted by social media.

  38. Only someone willingly blind and stupid couldn't see what these scumbags are doing.

    I don't need the media, nor anyone else, to confirm reality for me when I experience it and see it for myself. Typical Marxist media…"don't believe your lying eyes, believe us…your mother, your father, your god".

    They use "Community Guidelines" and "Hate" to ban and censor at a whim. Catch-all terms that mean whatever they want them to mean. Now, payment processors and credit cards are even getting in on the act. Patreon, GoFundMe, Chase, Braintree, and on and on are banning people for whatever hare they get up their Leftist asses at the moment. They throw "hate" around as a brush they can paint mighty broadly with if they want to. These platforms especially hate Truth. In times of universal deceit, the TRUTH is a revolutionary act — Orwell.
    I've noticed that Orwell's statements appear to be used and confirmed more and more these days.


    This is what is happening: Tech companies form. They have services. They have rules. They apply to ALL USERS equally… (from a management perspective) . **HOWEVER** these tech companies are FILLED TO THE GILLS with activists.

    It's as simple as that. These activists DO THEIR ACTIVISM at work. They USE the tools and resources at their workplace to PROMOTE THEIR PERSONAL AGENDAS, and as they are all leftists, the agenda promoted is a LEFTIST ONE. Account by account… they deplatform… blacklist… shadow ban… all done by INDIVIDUALS at these tech companies.

    The ****COMPANY**** does not have a bias. Their rules DO apply to everyone equally… but the ACTIONS of the companies are NOT equal thanks to the individual acts of many thousands of employees hell-bent on erasing anything right of radical marxism. But the march is slow… one. account. at. a. time.

    This is why it is BROAD instead of just one or two companies. It's ALL of them. From kickstarter to paypal to youtube to twitter to bank of america etc. etc. etc.

    This is why it is DENIED by the CEO's… the policies were intended and written to be fair… they just don't know OR they are happy to go along with a "don't ask, don't tell" policy with respect their employees actions, which they approve of, generally. In SOME cases, the CEOs and upper management are totally signed on, but that's less of an issue.

  40. Yes they say it’s the algorithms I say it’s them putting stuff in that the algorithms take out if they don’t like what I’m saying somehow or another it will either get changed or it won’t be there at all I do realize I have a difficult time I am dyslexic and sometimes I do not get things exactly right but I will say this it does piss me off when they do the stuff like taking stuff down that I put on or when they change my words around to mean something different than I’ve said

  41. these are two gentlemen that do NOT know how to ask the right question. They are asking why the COMPANY would want to tick off half it's users… a "top down" assumption. That's a stupid assumption. The RIGHT question to ask is "bottom up". Why would leftist activist employees at all these companies USE their employer's resources to harm half of its users? Suddenly it all becomes OBVIOUS. When you ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION, you will understand.

  42. The Communist's are simply playing the "active measures" and "demoralization" game. They are driven by a blood lust for absolute power and will kill anyone that gets in their way.

  43. My friend who worked on Google's YouTube search algorithms: "I feel like Doctor Epstein (Glenn Beck video I shared with him) is exaggerating a couple of points, but he's not exactly wrong either. I'll first disclose my bias: I have left leanings having voted for democratic candidates/policies 90% of the time. I worked at Youtube Ads during the start of the demonetization initiative, so more of my experiences deal with that than search results/autocomplete. Youtube was being pressured to not show ads on controversial videos. I helped, part time, with work on a project to identify these videos. We found and marked plenty of violent, racist, and other such videos and channels, as could be expected. I noticed that we were marking as controversial a lot of conservative political commentary, guns (shooting ranges or science videos), and such. We weren't demonetizing liberal commentary or any of the equivalent controversial topics from the left. It was clear that what was "normal" and what was "controversial" depended more on the local echo chamber than on any consideration for the views of the American people at large or the actual impact/harm on others. The double standard clearly favored my political party and policies, but it undermined my more important views on freedom of press/thought/speech. Arguably though, Youtube is a company that can do business with who they want and censor their platform accordingly. We wouldn't expect much difference from MSNBC or Fox News for their respective political leanings. As a side note, my manager once said that linking Australian football to people from Australia was racist–I think this exemplifies the level of ignorance and anti-culture that was somewhat rampant in the echo chamber there. I assume Google search works in a similar way. Companies like Microsoft and Apple definitely have a better track record on these topics than Google or Facebook. Let me know if you have follow-up questions."

  44. I don't know about American Media but I wouldn't be surprised. But Canadian media loves to Redding up Donald Trump's face! Make him look a little more orange man bad!

  45. While I do not support regulating U.S. Social Media, I absolutely believe they should follow U.S. law. Either they are a platform or they are a publisher. It’s time for them to choose. And if they’re unable to choose, then our courts need to step in and help them choose.

  46. Isnt that just the joke of all jokes: The Facebook, google, microsoft "Mainstream Media Monopolisation Cartel" pushing a 2 class NWO system of haves and slaves with themselves hating on everyone in their wannabe #dictator wet dreams of doing a #illegal #hostileTakeover of the #internet and the #government controlling all resources and communications using corrupt cops and corrupt public officials to carry out #assassinations on their victims using the media and the #judiciary in massive conspiracies to get away with #treason and #racketeering. widely known to be #Satanic and mostly all #paedophiles including the #harvard / #ivyleague Paedophile Connection and their #lawyer #peadophile #alanDershowitz.

    The #billgates #globalist #cartel is the real #hategroup and everything #themIdiots are doing is #illegal and #immoral.

    again, its the #MO and #commonScript of the #DeepState to accuse their opposition of everything themselves are guilty of to also coverup their #censorship of the truth in exactly the same way a #communistDictator does and has done in history and currently.

    and that is #TheBrutalTruth #Alex|PThorn #iAstra

  47. Glenn Beck is a lying shill. His political beliefs change with the wind, or whichever side he thinks he can get more money from.

  48. If I post political stuff I get one to three reactions. If I post family pics I get 20-30. I don’t believe there’s that big a difference. They just let those few see the political stuff.

  49. Physical violence disorderly conduct disrupting meetings ….what has happened to rules of conduct ? those who act rudely and violently need to be corrected and arrested. Those in power who encourage or ignore these actions are responsible and need to be held accountable. Everyone needs to be reminded u reap what you sow.

  50. Its time to take them to court and sue them AND take over their company. Give control to RESPONSIBLE AND FAIR and balanced individual rather than any one side. Let everyone say and speak everything from their mouths. Then that way, they can either be praised and supported or sued and condemned!  NO CENSORSHIP WHATSOEVER!

  51. Expose the truth again Stossel. The people are ready. It will LAUNCH you back into the household name you were. Grow a pair…

  52. Basic math … most of this anti hate speech agenda seems to be backed by Corporations ..Why?
    Corporations like most business rely on HUMAN RESOURCES to MAKE MONEY … why are most corporations in support of open boarders ?
    Who is being labeled as racist ? certainly not the immigrants…
    It might seem that if you don't agree with open boarders … could be working against expanding balance sheets $$$ ?
    Is the domestic populations experiencing attrition in the streets? … formerly usually only found within a business
    There is no money in natural resource .. all the money is in the LABOR

  53. Any libertarian who says don’t like Facebook create your own Facebook. You need to be castrated. Facebook receives billions in tax payer money and special tax breaks. There’s even a conspiracy the technology was given to them by darpa. Big tech is the governments way around the courts.

  54. Banning hate speech is anti-human as there is such a thing as healthy and appropriate hatred. What is not being labelled as "hate speech" by the leftists is in reality the violence of the left defending their inappropriate emotional 10 year old imaginary ego boundaries. For example, in trying to demonize Trump, since one can only attempt to demonize another by projecting their own demons from within themselves, the leftist reveal their true nature – this is why Hillary can only accuse Trump of what crimes she herself has done. Reference: Same with Joe Biden and the other documented liars Schiff, Schumer, and Pelosi.

  55. I watch all of the John Stossel videos and enjoy them, but he is completely talking out his ass here when he says his videos always get a million views. Take a look for yourself, he's got dozens of videos that are three or four years old that haven't even hit 200,000 views and they never will. He is not a big draw for videos on YouTube.

  56. How is facebook banning conservatives any different than the staff at a Trump rally kicking someone out for wearing a Colin Kaepernick shirt? To be honest, both are the same.

  57. Antifa: Beating people up!

    Social Media companies: Ok!

    Conservatives: Using speeches to make fun of the left

    Social media companies: Ok! Prepare to be banned!

  58. 🙂 I have no words that can express what John Stossel shows the public how rational people think. Not how to think, but how looking at all ideas, and making informed choices, makes our world a better place. Thank you sir.

  59. So let me get this straight. Glenn Beck says he wants AOC to be prosecuted. Then when confronted about the issue he goes ha ha Ha I have to speak on the radio for five hours. Rush Limbaugh does the same thing. Always walking things back. It’s because they’re really not serious with most of what they’re saying. They are entertainers. This is why Glenn Beck
    and Rush Limbaugh‘s TV careers failed. When they have to face a real audience, their ridiculous views don’t stand up. They can hide like this when they are on the radio. I do give Glenn Beck credit for building up a successful business.

  60. All persecution is condemned except for Conservative & Christian persecution.
    There needs to be a Conservaphobia and/or Christophobia going mainstream.

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