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Story Time With Papa Mage Have you ever wondered why a playset is four
cards? This story of the old days of magic could
be why a playset is 4 cards. Welcome Young Mage I’m The Rhino. Young Mage is devoted to reaching and teaching
young mages of all ages. Subscribe now to show your support. And don’t forget to tap that bell down below
to get notifications of all the cool stuff coming soon. Papa Mage has some great stories and some
of them are even about Magic. Here’s one I think you will enjoy a lot. Ah, the early days of Magic. I don’t remember which year this was exactly. I think it was early 1994. There wasn’t a Pro Tour or sanctioned tournaments. Magic was still very new and this was before
Fourth edition came out. There had been a few tournaments at conventions
and a few stores in my area banded together to create a weekend tournament. This tournament would be similar to what we
would call a GP today. But we didn’t have nearly as many people. I recall that this was somewhere around 80
players. I don’t remember what the prize amounts
were but I think it was about $100 for first place. There was also booster boxes of Arabian Nights
as part of the prizes. I don’t remember anyone playing Arabian
Nights at the tournament, so it might have been right after that set came out. The rules were very different back then. The minimum deck size was 40 cards. But you had to make sure you kept at least
40 cards in your deck throughout the tournament. There was no sideboards and you still had
to ante as part of the tournament rules. I think this was because there were cards
that could be played to affect the ante. It made sense to have an ante in that case. So I think I made a 43 card deck. We didn’t use Swiss scoring back then, it
was a simple double elimination tournament. Best two out of three and no time limit. So 43 cards was about optimal. This was before a lot of people had Internet
access. The first “widely used” web browser came
out in 1993. That was really only used by colleges and
government research facilities. So there was no such thing as net decking
or discussions of a common meta game. You played against the minds of the people
that went to your local stores and that was about it. So this tournament was a really new experience
pulling in people from the surrounding area and other states. Another thing about the rules back then, there
was really only a single main phase. You could play a land, cast spells and do
combat in any order. A lot of people took that to mean you could
do each one only once. And it really depended on who was the judge
as to the interpretation. We also had a one touch rule in place for
the tournament. This was kind of like chess. When you went to tap your mana or send a creature
to attack or block, if you touched the card, the decision had to be made then what you
were going to do. If you released the card without committing
it, it couldn’t be used for another action that turn. It was a very strict rule, but at the time
it made a lot of sense. It helped make sure that you didn’t have
people twiddling cards back and forth which had the tendency to get people confused. And Twiddling was used a lot by cheaters. The deck I used was Plague Rats. Just Plague Rats. I don’t remember the exact number in the
deck, but I think it was around 23 or 24. The rest were swamps. Very simple and effective deck. There was removal in the game and direct damage. But this deck would do lethal damage generally
by turn 6 or 7. Most of my games were really really short. There wasn’t a lot of decision making required
on my part. This deck was very unusual and unexpected. I’m sure you want to know what place I got. I think it was second or third place. I pretty sure it was second. I think I only lost once. I won a bit of cash and either a booster box
or half a booster box of Arabian Knights. Most decks weren’t mono colored. I had the only mono-creature deck too. By biggest problem was CoPs. That’s what we called Circle of Protection. Most people didn’t run these because you
really needed to know what your opponent was going to play before you started the game. The deck I lost to had a lot of CoPs, walls
and Serra Angels. Obviously an early control deck. I don’t know if my deck had any impact on
how we play Magic today. I’m sure there are a lot of refinement to
the rules that came about from early games and tournaments. There were a lot of House Rules at various
shops. And I’m sure as the Internet gained users
those ideas got around. So what do you think of my solution? This was the only mono-creature deck I’ve
built. Keep in mind there was less than 400 different
cards to choose from back then. Now with Standard rotation, you have generally
over a thousand cards to choose from. Which gives you a lot more options. Make sure you click like on my videos, it
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27 thoughts on “Stories with Papa Mage Plague Rats deck

  1. another cool story. i really enjoy this series. by the way did i mention my favorite card from the newest set is 'Disallow Bacon' lol! :p

  2. Tezzeret, bacon schemer is for sure my fave card from aether revolt. That or sword of body and bacon, if we can count inventions ;).

  3. Rhino and Papa Mage are terrific. When I was younger my friend said the x/x on his plague rats meant they were invincible. 🙂

  4. Inspiring Statuary: nonartifact spells you cast have improvise. (your bacon can help cast those spells. each piece of bacon you tap after you're done activating mana abilities pays for 1.)

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