Hey guys and welcome back to my channel today I want to share with you the five physical barrier sunscreens that I believe are very Important for protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays I think that regular sunscreens are really important ones that have a lotion or cream component to them but as important as these Sunscreens are I still think there’s such a high potential for human error For example, have you guys ever put on sunscreen first thing in the morning? And then you’re going about your day and you completely forget to reapply it basically, if you’ve forgotten to reapply it, I hate to tell you this but It’s not protecting your skin after two hours. I have to confess I’m more than likely gonna forget to reapply a cream sunscreen. That’s just how it is. I’m running to the car I have a coffee in my hand I have a toddler in my arms, and I’m not thinking of sun protection at that moment I like to put on a sunscreen one and done in the morning And the truth of that is if it’s been on your face for over two hours It’s no longer protecting you from the Sun. I was shocked to learn that upwards of 75% of the wrinkles that we get on our face are from photo aging so that’s Aging that’s directly from the Sun. I feel like that’s crazy I had no idea to me that says they’re so Preventable and if they’re preventable, then we should start preventing them when we think about it and if it’s important to us listen It’s not Important to everybody and a lot of people don’t mind the wrinkles they get from the Sun but if I’m going to be honest I do mind. I want to look as good as I possibly can for as long as I possibly can So if you’re like me stay tuned There’s two types of sunscreen motions There’s mineral and there’s a physical sunscreen The mineral sunscreen is applied directly to your skin And it’s gonna sit on top of your skin without being absorbed in now a chemical sunscreen those are often a lot lighter and So people do prefer them because they can put them on their face and they don’t get that white cast Those need to be applied 20 minutes before you go in the Sun I’ll probably be that person that’s putting the sunscreen on in the car on The way over to whatever event I’m going to so for a chemical sunscreen to be effective It must be on your face 20 minutes before you’re even out in the Sun. So it’s not a Thing of oh, maybe in the Sun for 20 minutes It’s not a big deal because in that 20 minutes you’re getting a lot of sun exposure and that sun exposure is causing damage Today, I want to share with you the way that I protect my skin from the Sun I prefer to rely on a physical Clothing barrier and I’m gonna show you all four of the clothing barriers Please promise that you will share with me in the comments below What are some of your favorite ways to protect your skin from the Sun and we’re starting right now? Physical clothing barriers are great to rely upon because they protect your skin indefinitely They don’t dissolve and they don’t need to be reapplied and you can’t sweat them off and they’re amazing for incidental sun exposure It’s a gentle sun exposure is the exposure that you get when you’re just running out to pick up your dry cleaning You’re running out to get a coffee It’s the Sun that comes through your bar window its defined us that exposure that you’re not trying to get I want to talk a little bit about UVA versus UVB rays UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis the dermis is the skins thickest layer Unprotected exposure can lead to wrinkling and premature skin aging UVB rays b4 burning cause a sunburn and they’re also play a major role in the development of skin cancer what I’m looking to protect myself from Are UVA rays because my skin just doesn’t really burn and it doesn’t really tan in the Sun So my main concern is to prevent photo aging So number one in my arsenal to protect my skin is a wide-brimmed hat As much as I love my Hamilton baseball hat it completely Exposes me to the Sun from the top of my head to the front of my face into the sides of my face as well 13% of melanoma the most aggressive form of skin cancer occurs on the scalp contrary to popular belief hair doesn’t protect our scalp from the Sun a better option would be a Wide-brimmed hat but not just any hat will do this hat is from a company that specializes in UPF clothing which stands for ultraviolet protection factor and it’s woven into the Hat fibers It will also offer protection to the top of my head and to the sides and front of my face Number three UPF clothing summertime means wearing cute tops and I’m the first one to bust them out But what those tops comes exposing more skin to the Sun? This zip up is from Athleta and Athleta carries a lot of UPF clothing with a protection factor of 50 and above which means it’ll protect you as much as a 50 factor sunscreen would I Love how it zips up all the way to the neck and I love that the hands and the wrists are covered as well. I Love aviators and their hands down my favorite style of sunglasses But they leave a lot to be desired in terms of sun protection The problem is when the Sun creeps in on the sides of the glasses and causes wrinkles. We call crow’s feet another option would be Sunglasses with the wraparound style or simply a thicker band on the side Which will prevent that Sun that’s coming in through the car window to creep into the area between your eyes and the sunglasses Do you have your car windows tinted? That’s one of the simplest ways to ensure that the Sun that comes through. Your windows doesn’t harm your skin I was really surprised to learn that that windshields have a natural Sun protectiveness of 50 but car windows car manufacturers have a lot more leeway on how Protected they can make car windows. So while your windshield might protect you from uva and UVB Car windows could have less than a twenty percent factor protection Thinking about sun damage, you might remember your last sunburn at the beach But most of us receive a large portion of our sun damage when we least expect it while we’re driving in our cars Dermatologists have been telling us for years that patients in the u.s Often have more sun damage which can lead to wrinkles and Brown age spots on the left side of our faces versus our right Why is that research increasingly points to UVA radiation coming through the car windows in the form of sunlight? UV exposure builds up in our bodies and research has shown that skin exposed to the sun shining through the windows of The car even on overcast days can over time lead to a lot of skin damage UV exposure we received driving a car especially adds up in one study researchers found photo damage only on the left side of the face with more brown pigment color and Deeper wrinkles on the side that is that is exposed to the Sun Skin that’s exposed to sun shining through the window Even on overcast days can over time lead to a ton of skin damage UV exposure we receive when we’re driving a car just adds up everybody remembers this study with the truck driver who drove a truck for 50 years and The left side of his face was just extremely wrinkled and whereas the right side of the face really still looked okay and plump so one thing to do if your windows are not tinted in your car is to go ahead and get a Window tint on all of your windows and number five the one you’ve all been waiting for The one that my son is scared of and that my husband teases me Mercilessly about is this face mask. I Started wearing this face mask shortly after getting a chemical peel and needing to find a Solution for the sun exposure that I got in the car while I was healing from the peel It’s made by a company called Sims and they also make fishing gear this Sun hood has a UPF factor of 50 Which means that only 1.5 of the sun’s rays will penetrate through the mask. It’s also pretty breathable and the fabric fits really well over a pair of sunglasses it retails for 49.95 on their website now, I do wear this mask only in the car and I always slide it down but I’m going through the bank drive-through and I realize how crazy it looks believe me, but after noticing that I had sun spots Below my lower lip. I decided that I would rather be Uncomfortable driving in the car than risk more photoaging. So those are my five tips Promise me that you will share with me in the comments below what are some of the ways that you protect your skin from the Sun and Please subscribe to my channel, and I will bring you much more content like this. Thank you, and I’ll see you soon. Bye

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  1. Such great information Lorry! This video is going to help a lot of people! 👍🏻💕

  2. WOW! Fantastic video Lorry! So much great information! We definitely need sun protection here in Australia! Wide brim hats & 50+ sunscreen are definitely popular in Australia! Well done Lorry! 🙂

  3. After I got interested in k-pop i noticed a major thing in Korean beauty is sunscreen/sun protection. I wish that trend would pass on to the USA because it doesnt seem like as many people here are really interested in caring for their skin this way even though it is so important. I've made sure to put in more effort to protecting myself. I've been applying sunscreen daily for a year now, and even though its summer i wear full-length pants, a sweater, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a cap when im running outside.

    I plan to buy a face mask to further protect my face :0
    thank you for your informative video!

  4. Hello, I don't mean to make fun or anything but I think it's easier to reapply sunscreen on your face every 2-3 hours than looking like that with a mask. If your skin happens to be sensitized you can use mineral sunscreen which is less irritating. A black umbrella with UPF 50+ is a great option especially because it won't ruin your makeup if you have, and it keeps the temperature underneath a few degrees lower while also shielding most of your body (depending on the time of the day). About the hats, jackets and glasses great job. Another thing you can do is wearing sun protective gloves on your hands while driving. Take care 💕

  5. The face mask is 100% worth wearing. It astonishes me that people are more concerned with how they appear publicly than the health of their skin/preventing photo aging and wrinkles. I recently bought a 7 inch brim hat, a scarf, and a gaiter all upf 50+ from Coolibar. You should definitely check them out if you haven't already. I'm very germaphobic, so unless I can thoroughly wash my hands when I'm out, I won't reapply my sunscreen. In my opinion, upf clothing is one of the best investments for yourself – It provides peace of mind and can look extremely glamorous. We will all be looking young even when we're grandmas!

  6. i sacrificed a lot just for my skin. 😭 i use umbrella like all the time even if it's 4 pm here in my country 🇵🇭. even if it's just a few meters to my destination i will really open the umbrella to protect my face 😂. i love the beach so much but even if i'm so jelly that people who are with me are already swimming, even if they convince me to go swimming my self-control not to go swimming if there's sun is like 10/10 lol! i only go swimming very early in the morning, around sunset and at night. i'm VERY strict when it comes to the sun. thankfully my bf before is very understanding. he didn't mind if we were jogging and ahem i'm carrying an umbrella 😂😂😂. some people thought i'm doing it for skin whitening… so wrong. i'm doing it to delay skin aging and to avoid sunspots. and i'm been doing this avoiding the sun like plague since i was high school. my rule of thumb is i can do any outdoor activities but i have to protect my skin from the sun. sunscreens, sunblocks are definitely not enough for me. i see a lot of people on instagram and yt who are exposing themselves to the sun a lot like jogging a lot, swimming a lot but their skin are still so much fine and all i can do is take a deep breath and feel jelly 😭😭😭

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