STOP OVERTHINKING! Here’s how to fix it now using meditation

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49 thoughts on “STOP OVERTHINKING! Here’s how to fix it now using meditation

  1. We love to overthink "thinking" that we will find the answers! But we just make things worse..great video and love what your focus is!

  2. i have done this before watching this videos for several times, smoke a joint before doing makes the feeling more intense, i don’t know if i can describe it as a feeling… simply saying it will be awakening

  3. I actually have a fear of an act which i committed in my past and i started overthinking about the consequences of it in a way that i lost my control over my mind..

  4. Thank You so much… I'm very anxious right now because tomorrow is my graduation and I am doing a speech, everyone is expecting high from me and what if I messed up?! I was very nervous and I kept practicing but I felt like that wasn't enough…. I saw this video, And thank you so much for giving the tips…. πŸ‘

  5. I am stressed for an exam and I am a little depressed because my friend said if I say something to him he will break up with me and be like a stranger to me 😞

  6. First time trying to relax with someone guiding me through it. I actually like it. But… I'm really an active thinker. So when you say "follow your thought and how it disappears…." my head gets a bit hyper. I dont know it this sounds logical. My reaction is that the thought gets cut and I feel stressed about it…. it feels weird….

  7. I really think lot of lot so some times i forget it BUT my mind keep thinking what was that so i keep digging my mind to remember so i feel not relax my mind keep thinking.

  8. I always think of what I did in the past and what will be the effect of it and this leads me be fully stressed and I feel that everything is over
    But this video really helps me

  9. I have some acne on my face and it's feel me very bad when I'm in front of others I overthink all the time when I'm with my friends

  10. It is so good. I wad overthinking and feel to depressed aftet that i feel much more better about me and it goes to you man ..i am smoker so overthinking is part of my life but man i want to quit but it seems that i cant but i really want to HAPPY and happiness would be my constant feeling this is feel so better

  11. Sir, i have a social anxiety, and depression in 14 it sad everynight i cant sleep and my parents doesnt understand me it feels like i want die without hurting myself

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