Stone Island, the father of Techwear | Streetwear Era #6

Hi, guys. Welcome to Streetwear Era Today I am going to introduce you a brand which is called the father of techwear Stone Island In your limited closet, those cheapest stuff are first to be eliminated what is techwear? It is the combination of the quality of outdoor wear and the design of fashion Stone Island is an outstanding model What is the story of this brand? In 1982, a legendary Italian designer, fabric developer, Massimo Osti found a durable and good-looking fabric during an experiment He liked it so much and wanted to name it so he opened the book of his favorite writer, Joseph Conrad and found two most used words, Stone and Island so he named his brand as Stone Island It got into the fashion industry but Milan rich dandy in the early 1980 Then was taken back to Britain by british soccer fans flying to Italy for soccer game Its compass logo provided huge energy and cohesion for them From then on, the stage of Stone Island had been changed to England Even a lot of people think it is a British brand But actually, It is now owned by a Italian, Carlo Rivetti Life and Lab are the soul of it It has never ceased to research and innovate Its innovation has also been pushing the development of the whole clothing industry In 1991, Osti released Ice Jacket Its color will change according to temperature an pretty intelligent jacket The collab with Nike, Windrunner Waterproof material was added into the dye It not only gave excellent color, but also provide high technology for the clothes In AW 2014, Stone Island collaborated with Supreme This series bought Stone Island into our view it used composite fabric, followed the idea of Stone Island Item recommendation “Super Collab” “value keeping” only 100 reflective jackets were released “classic fabric”

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