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18 thoughts on “StockX TV Ep. 4 – Sneakerhead Roundtable

  1. Y'all gotta get better mics. So much varying levels of audio where someone sounds like they're on the mic and then some people, have me turning my audio interface all the way up. Also buying stuff based on hype is so corny to me cuz the iPhone still sells like crazy regardless of scarcity. They only sell more when it first comes out because it just came out and also they release before the holiday season.

  2. Since u guys went to watch and bag u guys don't pay attention to quality no more I got a couple b-grade sneakers u guys sent

  3. Parts of this show seem to be favoring adidas and just because a rep is there which is ridiculous adidas is doing great things don't get me wrong but it seems a little one sided

  4. Really great to see a growing company like StockX take screenshots from videos done by smaller YouTubers without giving any credit, or notice. 25:12, taken from a good friend of mine's video.

    Straight robbery.

  5. the whole reason people get into this part of the sneaker game is having stuff that other people dont have. whether its actually limited or an illusion it doesnt matter, the hype part is the important factor

  6. DO NOT USE STOCKX. My order got cancelled after 1 week, but the price of the item i wanted went UP, so in turn I had to spend $600 extra if I wanted to buy the same item! THEY HAVE NO COMMUNICATION. All the replies are copy/paste from their QA. They say that they penalize the seller if the seller break the rules, but that penalty fee don't go to you!! It's like they make money from seller regardless and don't care about the buyer if the transaction goes bad. STAY AWAY FROM STOCKX.

  7. Stockx sent me a pair of stained jordan 7s an refused to give me a refund *do not buy from them* the authenticators looked at the shoe an sent it anyway company is a joke

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