StockX MKT Watch: Supreme CDG, Yeezy Cream White Restock, and Acronym Prestos Return

CDG is OMG. Resellers get creamed (mm). And Acronym is back again. This is StockX MKT Watch. (energetic hiphop music) Yo, teamwork makes the dream work. And some teammates never
fail to put up wins. Lennon and McCartney. Curry and Klay. Hell, the entire cast of Full House. And after last week, it’s time we add two
more names to the list: Commes des Garcon and Supreme. These two iconic brands have been melting credit card machines since 2012. And in Week 3, they came together for yet
another brilliant performance. The split box logo t-shirts
and the black sweatshirt were the three biggest
market movers last week, clocking in at over 500 sales each. And profit margins were crazy enough to make Stormy Daniels blush. Four times retail for the sweatshirt and over seven times retail for the tees. The two shirts are already among the most profitable Supreme
tees of the last two years. Only the Brooklyn Box Logo Tee, the Black Nas Tee, and the two Commes des Garcon tees from Spring/Summer 17 had bigger margins. And if you think prices are high now, check what happened to
those CDG tees from 2017. They gained $80 to $120
just in the last year and are now selling for
near 10 times retail! So unless you really need
to replenish that bankroll, resellers should seriously
hold off on flipping too fast. Hell, if Ryan Fitzpatrick
can glow from this to THIS in a single lifetime, just think of what those
shirts could eventually become. Turning now to sneakers! (energetic hiphop music) After last weekend’s Wave Runners, Yeezy continued to up the ante, announcing a new solo album, an SNL appearance, and a collab with Chance the Rapper. All perfectly timed before
the Cream White 350s get their own restock treatment this week. Now despite all the hype, the Cream White market
has been surprisingly calm these last couple of weeks. All the big action happened
way back in August, when the restock news first broke. Cream White sales volume
increased eight-fold the day of the announcement, and prices fell from $410 to $340, an 18% drop in just 24 hours as resellers smashed that sell button harder than Clay Matthews hit Matt Cassel. Now since then, prices have stabilized. But don’t be surprised if
they start falling again once the restock actually hits. Now as for the Wave Runners, prices seem to have
stabilized around $420, about $100 less than
where they were in August. That’s a pretty big drop. But it could have been much worse. After the first restock back in March, the Wave Runners lost 42%
of their resale value. Now this time around, they only lost 20%. Resellers have a right to be angry. Just not Vontae Davis at halftime angry. Really? We talked about this corny-ass
joke before the show. Five minutes ago I told you
don’t put this sh*t in here and it’s in there. Tired of this sh*t. You gotta stop. I’m sick of this sh*t, Jesse! (energetic hiphop music) Now we should warn you ahead of time. There’s a good chance your bank account is going to be more
blindsided than that old lady in that Captain Marvel trailer. This week we get the
much-anticipated return of Acronym’s Nike Air Presto
in three pure fire colorways. The Racer Pink already seems
to be the favorite on StockX, but all of them are sure to move fast. We also get the first drop of
the new Fresh Bred LeBron 16s, just in time for NBA training camp, along with the ladies-only
Jordan 3 Bordeaux that calls for a nice
wine-cheese pairing ASAP. Not only that, we got two new Jordan 1s looking like a 1980s NBA Finals matchup with the court purple and pine
greens going head to head. Shout-out to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. As for streetwear, we got Supreme’s GZA Liquid
Sword Tees dropping this week along with their collab
with artist Taboo!. Plus another Palace Autumn drop, including this long-sleeve soccer kit that’s got fall fire written all over it. Sheesh! That’s a lot of heat. And finally, if you caught an L last week on Supreme’s Commes des Garcons drop, don’t despair. Unlike the Cleveland Browns, StockX believes in second chances. And that’s why we’re
giving you a second chance to cop all that CDG heat at retail with a very special ReStockX. Hit the link below for your chance to win. And last but not least, it’s time to announce the
winners of our MCM ReStockX. So congrats DeVion, Tyler,
Jackson, May, and Ant B. Enjoy those backpacks
and wear them in style. And major shout-out to our
Hodinkee Skipper winner, my man all the way from Milwaukee, Steven. We see you, man. But that’s all for this week. For more StockX market insights, like and subscribe to us here, and follow @StockX on
Instagram and Twitter. And if you plan to cop any of the heat that we speak this weekend, let us know what in the comments below. We’ll be sure to show you some love. (energetic hiphop music)

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  1. Me and my friends made a YouTube channel and post funny videos. It would be amazing if you wonderful people could subscribe and get us to 200. The channel is Timmy the Tank

  2. Wow I took another loss I really wanted that bag πŸ’Ό I never win these well I got my supreme hat 🧒 today from stock x and have some other stuff on da way

  3. Stockx sent me a pair of stained jordan 7s an refused to give me a refund *do not buy from them* the authenticators looked at the shoe an sent it anyway company is a joke

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