Steel Deck no AECOsim CE. Modelagem de lajes compostas.

Steel Deck consists of a ribbed form
steel, permanent, as support for reinforced concrete. In AECOsim the tool to place these slabs is the Place Deck. It is a fully parametric element and, as such,
fully editable after placement. In this tab we have, basically, the dimensions
of the system. The final element, as a compound, has its own
  characteristics to be filled. The shape of steel also. and the concrete. We have several Steel Deck options, including
Manufacturers catalogs to choose from. But we can quickly type parameters
reading them from any catalog. I’ll put some data here exaggerated. Thickness of 5mm for the steel sheet. and I’m going to put a 200mm Overhang here. There are three methods of placement:
By points, by a polygon, or by the structural elements. I’ll do it “By points”. In the end we need to define the direction of the steel rail. This is done with a colon. It can be any direction. After a while, Steel Deck slab is ready. This slab can be cut using any polygon or shape. Some views with multiple renderings. . . A section view. Steel and Concrete, together.

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