Stay Closer To Your Pets With Petcube

wait I’m in the middle of something oh that’s cute okay where was I hi my name is pet q yes I am that perfect cube you see on your screen first of all let me ask you this what do you think happens with your pet when you are not around and how do you handle it 20% of Americans leave their TVs on to entertain their loved ones personally I think that’s insane have you seen daytime television I’m here to say no to kitty catty couch potatoes I am petcube and I am the best way to always be close to your pet here’s how it works inside me is a wide-angle camera a microphone and a laser pointer all that goodness is connected to your home Wi-Fi if you have a smartphone you can see your pets hear them talk to them and you called it play with them using my laser pointer and here’s the best part while you’re playing a live game on your smartphone you can actually tell people that you’re busy exercising your pets I mean that’s also true right but wait there’s more through the built-in software you can save photos and HD videos of your pets and share them anywhere you can imagine you also get to share access with your pet with all your friends and family in the future I will live at pet shelters so everybody will have a chance to play with rescued animals and maybe adopt one of them [Music] right now you can go to petcube net and pre-order your very own pet cube that lets you watch talk and play with your pet from a smartphone anytime anywhere stay closer to your pet with pet cube [Music]

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8 thoughts on “Stay Closer To Your Pets With Petcube

  1. To Demid Skrypnik
    Может сделаешь что-то лучше и толковое? умник

  2. It's such a brilliant idea and I can't wait to get one. My kitty will be less lonely and it will be much more fun to play with him on my long bus rides than playing a stupid smartphone game… 

  3. Поверить трудно, что данный гаджет придуман УКРАИНЦАМИ но это факт.

  4. Какие молодцы! Горжусь соотечественниками. И продукт полезный и нужный.

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