StaryBoard’s Remote Controlled Electric Skateboard

Hi this is Jon from TechCrunch. Here in Beijing China with Rex from Stary. He’s going to show us his electric skateboard. Here’s our electric skateboard. It looks just like a normal skateboard. You can see the battery and the motor. Actually we made the motor inside the wheel. Ok so the motor is inside the wheel and the battery is where? The battery is already inside the board. That just makes the board lighter so you can just take it by hand. And how do you move? You have a remote in your hand and you can use that to control your forward. Ok so can you break go backwards? Yea of course. You push
forward to go and backward to break. How much does the board cost? On our website it’s $899 USD And how quickly can you charge the board and how long does it normally run for? Two hour you can recharge the board and go 15 kilometers. And what’s the top speed you can get on the board? It’s 20 miles. Almost like 32 km/hour. Ok and you guys have sold the board on Kickstarter previously. How much money
did you raised from the campaign? Almost like 700k USD Cool. Ok thanks very much.

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11 thoughts on “StaryBoard’s Remote Controlled Electric Skateboard

  1. Non replaceable battery…. Or I guess you buy the actual whole slab? Would have been nice to have a couple more questions asked

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