Startup Weekend hackathon full documentary film

What kind of crazy person gives up their
weekend to come and do something like this? Okay, so imagine you have one
weekend to launch a startup, not even a full weekend, 54 hours to come up with an
idea that’s gonna change the world in a way that nobody has ever thought of
before. Friday night you meet your team, probably people you’ve never met before.
Saturday you work all day and then on Sunday you better have a prototype ready
because you’re going to present to a panel of expert judges who are ready to
possibly tear you apart, who could legitimately make your idea
your entire new career. This could change your life.
That is what Startup Weekend is and this is an event that happens every weekend
in multiple cities around the world. This is about one of them. So on Friday night we have a lot of
people who are pitching for their very first time. They may not have ever done
anything related to entrepreneurship. We have a lot of people very nervous. We
basically just want them to structure their pitch in a 60-second format. I’ve
got 60 seconds no matter what your saying and how important it is
everybody’s gonna start clapping. We will clap the person off the stage. When I was
standing alone I still wasn’t sure what I did. I was extremely nervous going up
there, in fact I almost didn’t pitch at all. You know, you just kind of have to
face that fear and just do it. So what I think motivates people to
dedicate 54 hours of their weekend to come to Startup Weekend is to really test out
whether the little idea or the desire for them to become an
entrepreneur if that kind of has a path and to meet like-minded people. I think
that’s the biggest thing. We give each participant three post-it notes and they
use those three post notes to vote for the favorite teams that they would want
to be a part of. I would go around I put my votes I’d come back there was at
least 10 votes on my thing, I’m like whoa. There is nothing more amazing than
seeing a bunch of people stick post-it notes voting for my idea which I did not
expect at all. All of those post-its turn into like real people with a bunch of
ideas that actually just wanted to make my idea work. Hey guys, we are gonna be
building a crowdfunding website for post disaster relief efforts. I already have
two developers which is awesome. The value of Startup Weekend is to give you
that like energy spurt to, to really start to get that idea off the ground
and start your startup. So this idea came up because as a young
kid in Lebanon I had a grandpa who was in the hospital and
he was dying from leukemia and it was very difficult trying to find people to
come donate platelets on a regular basis. Platelets having only a five day shelf
life. So we always have to keep going out and trying to contact new people trying
to save the life of someone you love. Just because there’s no system that is
good enough. So we’re working on a concept to connect hospitals with
people in this vicinity who have the same matching blood type needed within
the hospital in cases of shortage or emergency. So it’s a way to make the
blood donation process more efficient. Okay so what are our needs though? We have
a lot of research we need to do. We need to identify the problem. We have to identify the
problem, define it. On Friday they were responsible for kind of doing a brain
dump. Think of everything you could possibly do in this space and then
narrow it down to what we call an MVP a Minimum Viable Product. So there’s two
sides to it. I think there’s the hospitals and there’s the patients and
also the hospitals have a pain point of finding and providing the blood I guess.
It is Friday July 31st and it’s probably a little past ten. Right now all I feel
is excitement. I hope I’m going to get to sleep tonight. Well last night I was so excited I
almost could not sleep. It’s now like a real tangible idea. For Saturday, each one
of the teams was responsible in working on customer validation. They basically
need to validate that this is a real problem that potentially somebody would
pay money for or it would solve a huge social impact
issue. So we wanted to know more about the
donation process of blood donation process so we wanted to experience
hands-on what it meant to try to find the place to donate, go there, try to test
the whole experience. We found a center of Red Cross in Oakland and once we got
there it was very complicated. We just wasted like two hours and couldn’t
donate. It’s crazy because if you have to do an appointment for every time
then you have to think in advance and people just want to add decision
points for people when you really have to take a decision, it
has never worked. All other centers are closed on a weekend weekend that’s crazy.
Take into account that each donor it takes like 45 minutes at least. If you
notice there were were on paper and this was a pretty manual process.
It’s like too much bureaucracy for doing something that it should be easy.
It’s exciting that we’re at Startup Weekend that’s focused on tech for good
and I think where technology meets social entrepreneurship is in this idea
of scaling change at a massive level. The ability for technology to just touch so
many people at such a rapid pace it’s much, much faster and I think that if
it’s structured for something good and impactful it can make a massive impact
on the world in a very short amount of time. Then we tried to talk to other donors.
They told us about what got them to donate blood and it was interesting. What I
got out of it? I felt like I was helping people. It just made me feel good to do
something for the community, I felt good knowing that I would help people. An
event like this is really fun because it’s kind of a low-risk environment to
see what it’s like to be in that startup mode and it’s compressed into two days.
You’re just cranking and figuring out how you can do the most amount of work
in such a, you know, small amount of time to actually have like a viable solution
to to a problem that you see in the world. You know, I’ve identified a
problem and a solution to that problem but it’s more than that. It’s,
you know, there’s so much that goes into kind of picking apart, going through that
onion. It’s fun because you’re learning. It’s my first event here so I did not
know what to expect but I’m really having a good time.
First I was thinking oh my god, 54 hours. Why would I, you know, disappear
for 54 hours. Actually, my wife and my kid left to
visit the parents so I have free weekend. Why do not do this? I came
to the startup weekend because I feel like having opportunities to be living
in San Francisco, I wanted to take it to try to do my own thing and try to
succeed. So to help the teams on Saturday we bring in coaches that basically do
one-on-one coaching with each one of the teams. Okay so you’re really limiting
what you’re trying to achieve, but do you think that by doing so you’ll have a
bigger impact on disaster relief and if so how?
Yeah, so we talk to a bunch of mentors. Sometimes it’s been a little difficult.
They bring up real concerns about, you know, valid concerns about our business plan and our
model. Right now all I can say is that, well, we got a lot of feedback and we’re
in the process of pivoting or like trying to make it work right. Usually when
mentors come they try to find the mistakes in your business plan
your idea. I think for entrepreneurs always thinking about how you can
iterate change and adapt is huge because if you become too married to one version
of your idea you might miss something of actually making a path to make your idea
viable or sustainable. If it was as easy as, you know, everything’s figured out and
I just have to execute on it everyone would be doing it and it wouldn’t be
special. I think that being an entrepreneur is so unique because you
have to overcome problems and obstacles and find really creative solutions
to the things that are in your way. So now we’re now going to approve what
the main problem is in blood donation and then we’re gonna use that to try to
find a creative solution to it. I have to identify the key points you have to
improve in the blood donation process. Every team member will try to come up
with a new idea to fit these criterias we’re trying to fix Then we’re presenting to each other then
we did the small voting process where the ideas we liked and are common
between two different ideas, we joined them together and that’s how we get to
our solution to do blood donation. So it’s Saturday and it’s around 7:00 we’re
pretty tired and we’re hungry. Today is Sunday.
I’m feeling good, coffee is good. I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep.
Oh, feeling pretty good. So on Sunday hopefully they’ve already talked to
their customers, they’ve already started creating their prototype, they know what
their business model is going to be and they’re just finessing it. In the afternoon we bring some of the
coaches together to be able to do a pitch practice. They only will have five
minutes tonight to get in everything that they’ve worked on for 54 hours. What’s going on right now? What’s
happening, what’s happening? We’re about to pitch to a mentor, a lot of
quick changes. Hopefully get some great feedback as well so that we can iterate
and be ready for the real thing in about three hours. I’m excited about it.
I’m pretty confident. We have a great guy who’s presenting. I am completing the
pitch. We have a lot of faith in him. Yea so what we normally do, you guys, is we um
I do something like time you for five minutes so that you know the buzzer will
go off. One of your team should actually put a timer on so that you know if
you go over or under. So can one person on the team volunteer? Okay great. Okay, five hundred thousand
thousand, five hundred thousand is the number of people who donated right after
the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Two hundred thousand have stopped giving blood so we
wanted to know and find out why. You started with the story, you built a
story. I think that’s fantastic. So all of that story was very clear and very sexy
too for the amount of time that you had. Very sexy presentation. Ditto as we like to
say, but I didn’t understand, I’m not sure I understand the business model.
There was like these big audacious goals and achievements and
you’re talking about adding expenses that really haven’t been worked out. Like
this whole uber thing back and forth. Yeah. It kind of looks like you’re adding
a lot of cost to something that doesn’t have them normally. Okay. And so I’m
wondering how are you really going to make this effective. It’s not just about
the money that you make. We want you to put some of the data pieces you’ve found
together so that you can have a north star and say, hey we think within a
year we can have $900,000. We also think that means we can save X number of
lives. It’s a good thing what you’re doing and you’re doing it for a reason. For
a social entrepreneur I think there’s really a need to be able to focus
because you’re looking at so many variables, like you’re looking at a
business model you’re looking at impact and measuring impact. So to be able to
focus on kind of why you started whatever you started that’s one of the
things that I think is really valuable. Alright guys just so we can decide what
to do before. I’m gonna change the presentation of the demo so we need to
work on the business model and and the ending. Big applause for all the participants
for what you accomplished this weekend. And let’s kick it off with Donator. Now we bring together an array of judges
from many different backgrounds to be able to give lots of different
perspectives and ask all of our participants the hard-hitting questions
that an investor would potentially ask them if they were to pursue investment. After all of the presentations are done
tonight the judges will lock themselves in a room for deliberation of the
winning teams based on the four judging criterias of social impact, execution,
customer validation, and business model. we now have team Bloober. And so here we have Bloober. We connect
blood banks to nearby potential donors with highly demanded blood types in
real-time. Make an account and then here it will connect you to the particular
blood bank that needs your type of blood and it also helps with scheduling to
make it convenient for you. And it says we need you, you’re special, you’re really
making a difference and I think people need to know that. So here is our value
proposition. It cost around seven dollars each time they make a call to a donor. If
you do, say sign up with an SMS it’s five cents. So the story is, I’m from Lebanon
and in Lebanon it’s a developing country so people don’t donate much. So if
someone has to go into surgery, people, the family of the patient has to
provide replacement, blood replacement donation and in my case was my
grandpa was dying from leukemia and I saw the struggle of my parents they
would have to literally beg people and pay up to $300 per bag of platelets so
we could save my grandpa’s life and unfortunately we couldn’t sustain it for
too long. I think we have a good chance, but I
think the challenge is to see who was able to show that they were more
passionate about the project. Any of y’all know each other before? No, but after two days it feels like we’ve known each other for a
while. Yeah it’s a team. This is only the beginning and I
feel like it’s a shame let’s take it forward and I think we’re but to get the
results. Now, what you’ve all been waiting for,
I’m gonna have the judges come up and announce the results. You’re all stars, however we’d like to go
ahead and mention the group in the first place we have chosen Bloober. It was amazing, an amazing feeling. I need to sleep so much. I know so now I’m just going to turn on
the TV watch my DVR of Jeopardy and go to bed. But I’m so excited, I’m just like
what, who knew what this can turn into? So that was a great experience. The
structure for this type of weekend is really perfect for people to go out and
test their boundaries and test their minds and really expand beyond what they
would be doing any other day. Startup Weekend and hackathons and social good Meetup
kind of events are really great and safe spaces to get started in your
entrepreneurial journey because you’re meeting people who also don’t know where
they fit into the space and it’s a very comfortable place to be really open
about that and say I don’t know where I fit in but I want to be somewhere in
this ecosystem. I’m really grateful that Startup Weekend exists and that it
allows all of us who want to give our time and energy to good projects this
venue to do so. You know, at the end of the day you may, after the weekend, go
back to your job and be totally happy but you would have met all these people
you would have have a new skill set you would maybe learn, have learned something
about yourself that you can take back into whatever your world is outside of
this and I think that’s what is really empowering and that’s something you can
walk away with. Just pitch your idea. You’re going to be scared especially if
you’ve never done something like this before, but you just have to face that.
You know, you’ll never know if it can work out unless you try.

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  1. So much energy in this video. Such high stakes. I found myself rooting for all the budding entrepreneurs. All of them.

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  4. My daughter is going through this as we speak, (sophomore in college) I have not been able to talk to her all weekend and I am SO lucky you have made this insightful documentary so I can get a little view of what she has been doing all weekend! Pitches are happening right now!

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