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cTampa Participant: Back at it again! Seattle Participant: Startup Week Tampa Participant 1: It’s a great chance
to meet my community. Tampa Participant 2: The energy was unmatched. Phoenix Participant: It doesn’t get much
better than this. Dallas Presenter: Startup Week, it’s a 5
day, free conference to connect our local entrepreneurs as well as the larger community. JPMC Employee: Chase supports small business
because we think it’s important to community growth. Phoenix Presenter: Entrepreneurs are relentlessly
optimistic. Dallas Presenter: Who’s having a good time? Yeah! Detroit Presenter: We’re going to have a
phenomenal week. Columbus Presenter: This is a really exciting
event for Columbus. Tampa Presenter: We have an amazing panel
here with some very vast knowledge. Seattle Presenter: It’s a pretty cool time
to be an entrepreneur. Startup Week participant: all of the entrepreneurs together to help others and grow our businesses locally. Startup Week participant: It’s full of tips
and tricks on how get an investor’s attention. Startup Week Presenter: If there’s one piece
of advice I give entrepreneurs, never stop believing in yourself. Startup Week participant: You’ve got to
come out to Startup Week.

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