Startup Synetiq uses ML to create better video ads

my name is David. I’m the CEO and
founder of Synetiq. And we have advertisers create
high-performing video ads. [MUSIC PLAYING] Synetiq is a marketing
technology company, and we offer insights about
customers’ emotional reactions to video ads to advertisers
and their agencies. We do this by placing different
kinds of biosensors on people and measuring their
unconscious emotional reactions to video ads. We started the company 3 and
1/2 years ago, the two of us. Now we are 17 people. We have 40 clients
in seven countries. And we raised five
rounds of investments from European and
American investors. I was born in Budapest, Hungary. I studied architecture in
Paris and in Hong Kong. And accidentally
one day, in Paris, I walked into a
neurotechnology workshop where I saw people moving
3D cubes with their thoughts with having headsets
on their heads, and I immediately fell in
love with the technology. I gathered a small group of
engineers and scientists, and we started to look in
what this technology can do. And we discovered that
we can actually measure unconscious emotions of people. We help advertisers
in their journey. The first is when they
plan a new campaign. We have them understand
what their competitors do, what they have been
doing right or wrong, and what resonates with
their target audience. The second point when we
help is pre-testing their ads and their campaigns so they
can minimize their risks and they make sure
that they have the highest-performing copies. We use a set of technologies
and a set of sensors. We use EEGs, skin response
sensor, heart rate sensor, and eye trackers to
measure how people react, from a second-by-second
basis, to video ads. Our technology is different
from classic traditional market research methodologies
because we are able to deep-dive into the
unconscious reactions of people without all the biases. One of the insights that we got
from these mentoring sessions was that we have to focus
even more on customers, and make our decisions
even more data-driven. As our business is using
machine learning heavily, we rely on GCP products,
all kinds of cloud products, and all the machine
learning APIs and video APIs that Google has to offer. All of these products
allow us to go very fast, to iterate fast,
and not spend time on DevOps, and infrastructure,
and all the hassle. The Launchpad program
enabled me to see our industry, our own startup,
and myself in perspective, put it into a global
context, and to learn what are the areas that
we should be improving, we should focus on. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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