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  1. Nice work. Keep kicking butt! Also the framed photos of members of the Office can always help an office setup. 🙂

  2. Where did you get the workstations the guys are using? ie the table and credenza combo. and any chance you have a plan layout for architects 🙂

  3. Brady… as a Texas Rangers fan… I mean… The Boo Jays have totally owned the Rangers as of late… (so kudos on that), but I don't know if I can support ProChurch tools/academy and nucleus. #batflip #odorpunch

  4. Super rad guys!  Congrats on the growth and success.  I feel like there should be some Drake paraphernalia somewhere in the office as well 😉

  5. This is so cool! I am running my startup out of home right now so its cool to see your evolution and progress!!! love it!

  6. Subbed! Quick question did you get investors to pay for the office and in the start up how did you pay your employees

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